Megan's Cure (An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller)

Megan's Cure (An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller) - Robert  B. Lowe


Title: Megan's Cure
Author: Robert B. Lowe
Publisher: Enzo Lee Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Megan's Cure" by Robert B. Lowe was a down right good old mystery thriller read and the third in this author's series. Once you start reading "Megan's Cure" it will be hard to put down. We find this investigator reporter, Enzo Lee only doing what he does so well trying to save his dying grandmother life when he uncovers a 'pharmaceutical conspiracy.' This story will move rather quickly so you will have to keep up because there is so much going on between where this story starts....the Gulf Coast of Alabama where this young child of 10 was kidnapped and on into where Enzo lives in San Francisco. As a visitor of the San Francisco area I was able to identify with some of the descriptions of that area as the author gave to the reader. Also, I found from the read that this author gave a very captivating storylines with twist and turns of a view of the pharmaceutical industry along with some very interesting characters. From this read you will definitely get into some real world issues of it all that will give the reader something truly think about long after the read.