One Night In Heated Snapshots Book One

One Night In Heated Snapshots - Ashley C. Harris

Title: One Night in Heated Snapshots
Author: Ashley C. Harris
Publisher: A.H.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"One Night in Heated Snapshots by Ashley C. Harris was a good quick romantic read that will have a part two to it. I just want to say that up front because I was caught hanging at the end of the this story of Beth and Sterling. This author really works her magic with these two characters in her presentation of them. I liked the twist and turns of these two coming together showing the family controversy, much growing up, perusing a career and then even love. This read really turns into a hot, steamy fun read that was a little predictable, however still a well written read. We find at first Beth despises Sterling and after being thrown together for whatever reasons and even being caught up in all his shenanigans will she ever be able to trust him? To get what all is going on you will have to pick up "One Night in Heated Snapshots" to see how this author has presented it to the reader...and don't forget there will be more in part two. I found the characters were well developed, colorful, believable and well portrayed only helping to give the readers a good romantic story.