Lost In Bliss

Lost in Bliss - Janae M. Robinson


Title: Lost In Bliss
Author: Janae M. Robinson
Publisher: J. M. R.
Series: Bridal Bliss Series
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Lost In Bliss" by Janae M. Robinson

"What seemed to be a perfect match made in heaven, left Asha speechless at the end of Bridal Bliss. Now Asha and Dwayne are back, and Dwayne has some explaining to do. Will Asha ask the right questions or stay Lost in Bliss?"

What I liked from "Lost In Bliss"

The author gave the readers many surprises from this story that just kept coming. When it looked like it was finally coming to the end suddenly everything seemed to change bringing up more questions that needed to be answered. I will say it was so much fun reading to see how this was being presented to the reader and definitely leaving me not wanting to put it down until the end. Then we find that in the end we will get a cliff hanger where we will have to pick up one more series to see once again what is going on with this Dwayne person.

What I also liked from "Lost In Bliss"

I found the characters were all simply very good really bringing it all out to the surface of just what is going on. How this author was able to keep it straight for the reader not getting lost was a sheer work of magic. A few times I found myself rereading something to just make sure I was understand where, who, how, what and who in relating to what was going on at that particular time. Now, this story will move fast so you will have to keep up with it all. Well, when it looks like we have the perfect romance of a this heroine and hero but there will be a roller coaster ride getting to the end of this story and not wanting to tell too much I will say you must pick up "Lost In Bliss" to see how this will all come out. Believe me when I say it will be a interesting and captivating ride till the very end. However, in the end oops...we still have another series to go 'Complete & Total Bliss' to get the ending!

I heard from reading a little something...somewhere that we may expect:

"Asha and Dwayne return for the final installment in the Bridal Bliss series, or do they? Is Dwayne ok? In Lost in Bliss, Asha got some of her answers, but she is still a bit confused and someone has a lot of explaining to do. With two crazy ex-lovers on the loose is it possible for Asha to finally get a happy ever after ending? Will Delilah and John’s marriage last or does Melissa play a role in that demise also? What was Daniel’s M.O. for returning and entering Asha’s life? All these questions and more will be answered in Complete and Total Bliss."

From this novel "Lost In Bliss" I will be looking forward to the final series 'Complete & Total Bliss' to see what next this author will have in store for Asha, Amara, Dwayne, John, Delilah, Melissa, to Daniel along with a few other characters from the read.