Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye: A Novel - Susan Lewis

Title: Never Say Goodbye
Author: Susan Lewis
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Age Recommended: New Adult-Adult
Rating: 5

"Never Say Goodbye" by Susan Lewis was quite a read and the first thing I will say is that this read was of a terminal illness. I believe that needs to be said up front, now this doesn't take anything away from this excellent read. "Never Say Goodbye" was beautiful well written by this author that was 'sensitively and humorously told' with some well portrayed, colorful, depicted, believable and defined characters with each one having their own story and problems that were to be dealt with.

Even though this was not for the most part a happy heartwarming read for it was sad at times, but still it was a good read that did have some amusing moments. I found this a gripping story that once

I got into this read I found it hard to put down because in the read I found out so much more than just about 'the cancer' but more about 'friendship, love, family bonds, even romance and how people are sent to you just at the right time when you need them the most.'