The Crazy Hood Love Story: Rock City

A Crazy Hood Love Story: Rock City - K'Aliyah Knight

Title:  A Crazy Hood Love Story
Author:  K'Aliyah Knight
Publisher: Alana's Book Line
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"The Crazy Hood Love Story" by K'Aliyah Knight....

"If you hustle, hustle harder. If you love, love harder. What if the one you love is changing because of the hustle?

17 year old Rockwell can get whateva she wants. Her uncle Marcel got the city on lock. Dudes in the hood treat her with respect out of loyalty or fear of Marcel. Poppin tags and all, Rockwell still doesn’t have the one thing she wants the most. Rico.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you don’t care if dude is crazy? Your heart beats for him. Somewhere in the back of ya mind you know ish won’t work out but you gotta have him. Rico is the type of dude a chick could get lost on and that makes Rockwell wants him even more. Then a new guy steps in her sights. Now she knows messing around on Rico is worse than defying Marcel, but the chick can’t help it. Step into Rock City with this beautiful, naive diva and get caught up in this crazy hood love."

What I Understood from "The Crazy Hood Love Story"...

I will say for me I had a hard time keeping up in the beginning of just what all was going on, with it all ....however, as I continued it did come together enough to  keep my attention  that did turn out to be quite a interesting read.  Wow, there was so much going on that you will driven to finish reading non stop after you start.   And that ending...Wow!  I was left feeling  a  little sorry for Rockwell being a hustler and had nothing going for her but money and love.   Was this sort of a love triangle...didn't she really  know what she wanted?  I did like how the author was able to bring in the different dynamics of the characters that really kept me turning the pages to see what twists were  going to happen next.  With that being said and not wanting to give any of this away,  I would only recommend that you pick up this read and see for yourself how this author has delivered  it to all  the reader  in "The Crazy Hood Love Story: Rock City."