Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story

Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story - Jade Jones

Title: Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story
Author: Jade Jones
Publisher: Jaded Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story by Jade Jones...

What is this novel about....


"Feeling as though I were floating in mid-air, my captor lifted me off my feet and carried me towards his vehicle. Without compassion, he tossed me inside like a flimsy rag doll. The back of my skull smacked against the padded surface. I barely felt that pain.

With what little strength I had left, I made a daring attempt to escape. I quickly found out that was a bad decision after my fingers were smashed with the trunk’s lid.
That, I did feel.

I wanted to scream, but the only thing that came out was a low-pitched whimper. My eyelids fluttered rapidly as I battled unconsciousness. Whatever I was shot with had rendered me speechless and immobile.

My gaze focused on the fuzzy man standing over me. Even with my blurred vision, I could tell that he was smiling at me—obviously pleased that I was helpless.

In silence, I watched as he lifted his index finger to his lips. “Ssshh.”

Suddenly, everything went black…"

Memoirs of a Sex Slave has been re-released, redesigned, and renamed Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story

What I liked from this novel....

One thing is for sure...the author can write a story that will keep your attention till the end! Well written and all I can say is I can't wait to read the next novel ...'Club Nirvana 2.' Be ready for many twist and turns that are simply off the chart GOOD! I love how the switching characters, fast pace and it all! Being a readers of many of this author novels and I am well adjusted to her leaving us hanging! You go Ms. Jade are a good writer!