So Much Better

So Much Better - Marie Rochelle

Title: So Much Better
Author: Marie Rochelle
Publisher: Phaze Books
Series: Desire # 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"So Much Better" by Marie Rochelle

Book Description...

"Why them and not her? Keri Walker thought about those simple little words ever since her boss' fiancé left him. There wasn't a doubt in her mind she would be so much better for Richie if he only let her in.

Richie Davidson was devastated by the sudden loss of the woman he had been building a future with. Women were coming from left to right offering him comfort, but he wasn't interested in them. Because one unique beauty not seated ten feet outside his office door had already caught his eye."

What I liked from the novel....

I found this a sweet romance novel that was a quick read. We find that these two people come together but not before a rough ride to get to that part. This author made it quite a interesting read in how she was able to give the reader a read that would keep your attention to the very end. I liked the drama that Richie's brother brought into this picture. I did enjoy Richie and Keri's sexual play in the office scene along with this story's realistic plot, well developed and interesting characters that had some flawed ones. It will be quite interesting seeing how Richie shows Keri that she is the women he really wants in his life. Will this work for them? Now, I don't want to spoil too much other than to say you must pick up "So Much Better" and see for yourself how this story will all play out for this interracial couple. If you are looking for a worth while read you have come to the right place because "So Much Better" will give you a good romantic read.