Wreathed - Curtis Edmonds

Book Description..

"When Wendy Jarrett's mother dragged her to a mysterious funeral, Wendy wasn't expecting to meet the man of her dreams. But Wendy felt an immediate attraction to Adam Lewis, the nephew of the dead man. But when a fight over an inherited beach house threatens to separate Wendy and Adam, she has to take action to answer the unresolved questions about Adam's crazy uncle in order to find true love."

Title: Wreathed Author: Curtis Edmonds Publisher: Scary Hippopotanus Books Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4

"Wreathed" by Curtis Edmonds

What I liked about this novel....

This was one of those reads that once you start reading you will find in hard to put down this quick read until the end being so full of romance and humor. I found the story line unique that the main characters meet while attending a funeral sparks seem to come about for Wendy and Adam. Then the story will take off from there with many twist and turns and in the end you have a fantastic read. Be ready because there will be some mystery and romance along in this unique read. The characters for the most part ...Wendy, her mom, sister, Adam and uncle along some others who were very well developed, believable, well portrayed and let's not leave us the humor. The author really gives the reader a very creative , interesting well written story line with some unpredictability and a good outcome. "Wreathed" is the read that I would recommend to you as a good read.