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Secrets in Summer

Secrets in Summer: A Novel - Nancy Thayer

Title:  Secrets in Summer

Author:  Nancy Thayer

Publisher:  Ballantine Books

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"Secrets in Summer" by Nancy Thayer 


My Thoughts...


"Secrets in Summer" really gives you quite a read where the reader will be pulled into many different directions.  We find Darcy Cotterill a librarian is in her Nantucket home where she has inherited it from her grandmother. Oh, let me just say she is dating Nash being newly divorced. But what all was up with that?   Now it is the beginning of Memorial Day and people are showing up. But to Darcy's surprise her neighbor behind her is none other that her ex [Boyz] and his new wife [Autumn] and stepdaughter[Willow]. Some other neighbors.were one with three boys and a elderly woman who was staying with her grandson [Clive] who happens to be thirty. We now get the start of the story as the it will go into their life's.  Now, this is where this story will get most interesting as the story isn't only about the neighbors but of 'adultery, drugs, senior citizen issues, secrets and then it seems like this ex doesn't know what the word no really means.' Really what in the world was that about?  Didn't Boyz leave his wife [Darcy] for this new one?  I am only left to say that Darcy really had her hands full because it seems like she was just too involved with everyone life which did get a little over the top to me. You will definitely have to pick up this good read to see how it will all come out for Darcy.   I will say this is a good summer entertaining read that will keep your attention to see what will happen next in this story.  In the end will Darcy be able to get out of her past and finally find a permanency in her life that she will enjoy?  It will be a interesting to read and see how this story does unfold.


I received this from NetGalley to read and review. 

DUI: Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2

DUI: Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2 - Charae Lewis
Title:  DUI:  Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2   
Author:  Charae Lewis
Publisher: It's Timeless Publications  
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five  
"DUI:  Drowning Under The Influence Of You 2" by Charae Lewis
My Thoughts...
There was quite a bit of dramatic in this second read of DUI that will keep the reader turning the pages to see what will be happening next in this entertaining read.  When the saying karma will come...well it certainly did for several particular characters. All of the characters were quite a interesting bunch ...from Quillion, Marlene, Tyme, Jamie, Myka, Lydia, Steve, Demeko, Dina, to Gia to name a few that you keep your interest as you are kept turning the pages.  I liked how this author was able to give the reader a intriguing story that one could see as even being believable especially in all that was happening to Quillion and Marlene. All I can say is that bipolarism is a very serious illness if it's not handle correctly and definitely not to be played with.  Wow, after all is said and done all that is left to say is this was one emotional dramatic  read that can give the reader much thought long after the read.  I did enjoy that twist at the end in who had done what to whom. To really understand it all one will have to pick up this good read to see how well this author presents it all to the reader.  It was really good to see the HEA that came forth.  


Druid Vampire Requiem

Druid Vampire Requiem - KuroKoneko Kamen, Mathia Arkoniel

Title:  Druid Vampire Requiem

Author:  Kurokoneko Kamen

Publisher:  K. K.

Series: # 2

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Druid Vampire Requiem" by Kurokoneko Kamen


My Thoughts...


This story continues on from this author's  'Druid Vampire' where we now have the Huntress, Becca out to defeat Dracula and save Derek Dearg. Will Becca be making a big mistake in doing this to Derek?  I liked how this author brings in Becca's family [the Thorns] who were quite a humorous as they came for  visit.


As the story moves on the reader will get some more interesting characters such as Homicide Detective Alex and his police dog Maddy. It was quite a read as Becca's family will be attacked by zombies and as Alex will try to help them however suddenly a vampire shows up.  Will all be lost?


Will San Francisco be save from this 'Zombie Apocalypse' attack?  What will happen when Becca is kidnapped by Dracula and the Battle Nun Kendra Knight and the mad scientist Dr. Lazar Robinovitch are also in this dungeon captured?  Will Becca be able to figure out the connection between the Battle Nun and Dracula before it's too late?  In the end will Becca be able 'to use this weakness against him [Dracula] and fulfill the prophecy?  Will Becca and Derek finally get a HEA?  To get all of  the answers to all of these questions  and so much more the reader will have to pick up this good read "Druid Vampire Requiem" to see how this author will present it so well to the readers.

Druid Vampire

Druid Vampire PG-13 Version - KuroKoneko Kamen, Mathia Arkoniel

Title:   Druid Vampire

Author:  Kurokoneko Kamen

Publisher:  K.K.

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Druid Vampire" by Kurokoneko Kamen


My Thoughts....


This author gives the reader quite a good read dealing mainly with Becca, Slaine and Derek.  Be ready for a lots of turns and turns as we get a very interesting thriller romantic fun read.  In the end will Becca be able to kill Derek now that she has become a true Druid Vampire Huntress? So, we are left with a cliffhanger where will we have to get the next read 'Druid Vampire Requiem to see  how the rest of the story will turn out.  


Home - Ginny L. Yttrup

Title:  Home

Author:  Ginny L. Yttrup

Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press 

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Home" By Ginny L. Yttrup


My Thoughts....


This story was quite a well written read where the characters struggles were definitely ones that could be faced by just anyone you may know.


For Melanie and Craig were having some real hard times in their marriage where one could at one point or another not know to whom to feel more sorry for.  Less not forget those neighbors who added quite a lot to the read.  This is definitely one of those reads that will promote a lots of thoughts that will touch one just about on any level.


"Home" is of a real story of a 'family relationship, trust, romance, sadness, longing, love and less not forget a prayer' as each one of thee well developed characters will have their own struggles in trying to find there  way home. Will these characters be able to overcome their struggles?


"Home" will definitely help one to understand more about relationships that are often faced  in today's society.

Second Chance Season

Second Chance Season (The Grand Valley Series Book 2) - Liora Blake

Title:  Second Chance Season

Author:  Liora Blake

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Series:  Grand Valley # 2

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  Five



"Second Chance Season" by Liora Blake


My Thoughts....


What will happen when Garrett meets Cara in a fancy SUV on the side of the road?  How will this 'city' girl from Chicago and this 'redneck from Hotchkiss come together?  Who knew when he met her that he would be working as a 'country ambassador' helping Cara find her way around the area

of the back roads of Colorado.  Cara is a free lance magazine writer wanting to write about the farming people of heartland of America around Hotchkiss. Now, from all of this I think one can almost see how this read will be.   Boy gets girl? What will happen as Cara starts to fall for Garrett?


It's like their chemistry was simply pure and sweet magic and as the story continues the reader gets such a engaging love story that seems so right for them. I loved how this author was able to help all with the delicate and much better understanding of what all went into farming where is was more than business but it was for the peoples as well as there livelihood.


This author will give the readers 'one swoon-worthy moments with some intensed connections' that will definitely keep you turning the pages with this sweet romance.  I loved all the bantering that went on in the read that will certainly keep you smiling.


By the end of the read you get one amazing, funny, sweet, hot & sexy read that will definitely put a smile on your face.  Will the formula this author uses in bring these two together work?  Well, you will have to pick up 'Second Chance Season' to see!



Finding You

Finding You (Destination Love) - Jo Watson

Title:  Finding You

Author:  Jo Watson

Publisher:  Forever

Series:  Destination Love # 3

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Finding You" by Jo Watson


My Thoughts....


This was a interesting romance told from the heroine's POV that will take the readers on quite a adventure as adopted Jane now twenty five sets out to find her biological-birth father [Dimitri] who was from Greece. Will Jane end up finding more that just that as it seems that she is way out of her element?   When she gets to Greece she finds out how that the name Dimitri was a very common name and guess what happens... even Jane's tour guide who was also a model was named Dimitri.  Now, how will this play out for Jane as the reader see her as she seem to be lacking in 'self worth and esteem.' Indeed what all was that about.   Dimitri seems to be right there with her and seeing her as a real smart sexy lady.  Will Jane who was unpredictable and funny be able to discover important things about herself other than just finding her father?  It is well brought out as Jane begins to approach life and love so much more than just an analytical approach as she had always done in the past.  Will Dimitri be able to help Jane some out of this old feeling and grasp a more fun way of life of letting go. We find Dimitri will have quite a story to tell that will greatly help this story go fourth as he helps Janes see Greece and find her father.  It was quite interesting seeing Dimitri take Jane on a adventure where she is doing things she never thought she would have done.  As the story continues the reader will see that Dimitri was 'kind, sexy and a family guy' and their is love for Jane, however there was something that would bring on hurt. Will this news of what is discovered make Jane run from her chance a HEA? I did enjoy what Dimitri did as he handled that secret that came out even getting some help.  Now, just what was that all about? Oh, I don't want to mention the good friends that Jane had that really added their thoughts in this story.  To find out what that is and so many other questions that needs to be answered you will have to pick up "Finding You" to see how this author brings it out to the reader. The author did such a well done job with this.


This was quite a interesting adventure with the setting being such a picturesque one as well as a fun, romantic comedy and with still a bit of mystery [that of looking for her father] gives this read quite a bonus of a read.  Be ready for some 'hilarious sweet, downright swoon worthy moments' that will keep you reading to the very end.  Would I recommend?  YES!  It was indeed a good read.


Bittersweet (A Home Sweet Home Novel) - Shirlee McCoy

Title:  Bittersweet

Author:  Shirlee McCoy

Publisher:  Zebra

Series:  Home Sweet Home # 3

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"Bittersweet" by Shirlee McCoy


My Viewpoint...


What will happen when Willow Lamont [ex prosecutor] returns to her hometown of Benevolence, Washington?  Well, after her grandfather requests her return she comes back only planning to spend several weeks to a place where she had a secret that she definitely did will not feel good about returning to 'Chocolate Haven' a place she had once truly loved.  Why was this?  It seems like being back at 'Chocolate Haven' Willow is even unable to even make the 'unique fudge' that she had once been able to do so well but after suffering from that 'secret trauma'  that just wouldn't let her go. Then it seems like something quite different comes into her life ... a abandoned baby and the meeting of a longtime school friend Deputy Sheriff Jax Gordon who had also gone through a lot in his life.  Now, I will say that the story will take another road as the story of 'Miracle' comes of life along with some very complexed characters from Willow's family members to others that will keep the story rolling along as you keep turning the pages.  For Willow being back in Benevolence will she be able to put her fear that she has held so dearly and not sharing with anyone to rest especially since it looks like she will become a foster parent of baby 'Miracle Doe?'  l liked how this author bring into focus as Jax who had  something horrible happen in his childhood bringing in the closeness to Willow.  Will they be able to except each other with all that has happened to both of them?  Will Jax be able to earn Willow's trust?  Will he be able to 'fill her life with rekindled joy and a forever of irresistible love? This story will really cause one to see the heartache that Willow and even Jax had felt.  It was so very hard for me to understand Willow's situation with her mom's relationship.  And I was glad to see in the end that these two seemed to have mended something that needed discussing so long ago. By the end of the novel will Willow and Jax find the happiness they so desire?  Well, you will have to pick up "Bittersweet" to answer all of the questions and find out how this author presents it to the readers.


Forever Is The Worst Long Time

Forever is the Worst Long Time: A Novel - Camille Pagán

Title:  Forever Is The Worst Long Time

Author:  Camille Pagan

Publisher:  Lake Union Publishing

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"Forever Is The Worst Long Time" by Camille Pagan


My Thoughts....


This was a read of emotions, love, friendship, betrayal, tragic, loss,regret, forgiveness with three main characters: James, Lou and Rob who were all far from perfect.  With their stupid mistakes they made, along with some crazy decisions will they ever be able to stop all of the hurting that is going on among these friends? This author gives the reader quite a complex plot that is well developed with surprises that goes in unexpected ways with surprises, celebrations as well as disappointments that will have you at some time shaking your head.  By the end  of this story the reader gets quite a heart breaking, wrenching story that will also be very thought provoking and also engaging read from 'lack of closeness in relations, ruined friendships, death and loss'.  What else can be said about this story is the choices that one makes in there life can turn out to be short and or long term consequences.  'Life is short and it is what you make of it... for one must make it count.'

Our Short History

Our Short History - Lauren Grodstein

Title:  Our Short History

Author:  Lauren Grodstein 

Publisher:  Algonquin Books

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Our Short History" by Lauren Grodstein


My Thoughts....


"Our Short History" really deals with a subject that is somewhat hard to talk about...dying.  This author does a very good job in presenting this mesmerizing, hear wrenching told story. What will a mother do when she finds out that she doesn't have long to live [fighting stage IV ovarian cancer] and she has a son who was just six year old.  Karen writes a book for her son who was just six year old to be read by his older self.   This was definitely one of those 'tearjerker' reads.


What will happen when Jake ask hims mother to find his dad?  Now Jake wants to meet his father which presents problems for the mother,  Karen.  What will she do because there is a history that did not turn out well between Karen and Jake's father?  Will her sister still be able to take care of Jake as it had been planned now that the father has come into the picture.  This is a very emotional read that will give the reader quite one complicated relationships with all of these characters: from Karen, Jake, Jake's father [Dave] and Karen's sister. Now, I did say that this is sad story however, do be ready for a little humor at times, very absorbing and so memorable and even thought provoking in this mother-son relationship.


This author really gives the reader one beautifully well written story that is so very raw as her son 'resonates and Karen's bravery in facing her illness is so very admirable.  With that all I can say is that this story "Our Short History" was one story that I will not forget anytime soon.   I will say after all that had gone with between Karen and her ex boyfriend [Dave], her illness and her life she had not chosen for herself I could definitely  understand why she felt the way she did about this whole situation.  In the end we see that this wasn't about the 'life Karen had given her son but the live he had given her.'


Adunni Dares to Dream

Adunni Dares to Dream: The Story of Dr. Ethel A. Adeloye - Taiwo I Ajao RN, Dr. Ajao

Title:  Adunni Dares To Dream

Author:  Taiwo I. Ajao

Publisher:  A Dr. Ajao Company

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  Five



"Adunni Dares To Dream" by Taiwo I. Ajao


My Viewpoints...


What will happen when 'Adunni Dares To Dream?'  Will her dreams come true?  "Adunni Dares to Dream" is a beautiful written story of a young girl named Adunni who just wanted to go to school but for her that would be hard because of the money situation.  Adunni's mom needed  her to help work and to help keeping her little sister. However, things were looking up for Adunni after her mom had finally saved and borrowed enough money to send Adunni to 'Primary' school but how long would she be able to go due to the money situation leaving one to think were the schools just for the rich and lucky children?


This novel is so good especially for the children to see how ones dreams can come true especially if you can 'dare to dream it.'  For Adunni will have a hard time but it was quite something as one could see that God was definitely in the plan.  It seems like a 'way' would be made for Adunni  every time it was needed. Now this was not only a story about  Adunni but also for her friend Mike who desired to become a architect. Also did Mike have feelings for his longtime friend?  What would Mike's father do to try to help out with this situation?  I did like how Mike was brought into the story as being a true friendship  of Adunni's that will be their for her all the way from her childhood to adulthood.  In the end will Adunni and Mike get together?


After primary school for Adunni in which she finished at the top of her class and was able to continue on for free but when it came time for secondary school what will she do as there was just  enough money for the first term?


Well, as the story continues when Adunni was ready for secondary school there seems to always be a way that has been made ...through her  principle, family and friends. As one reads through "Adunni Dares to Dream" we read a very touching story for how God was there with Adunni all the way through her life.


Things were not always happy for Adunni because her sister died the last year of her schooling due to lack of money and proper treatment.  As the story moves on Adunni takes the exam for college and obtains the number one score in science and then became a 'prize candidate for three community colleges.'  Then another dream comes true for Adunni's where her principle personally  pays for her interviews and good results comes for her at Christ School for a year.


Mikes connects back up with Adunni and will he still have feelings for Adunni as  he sends and receives a letter from Adunni?   Mike will even create a  beautiful song for Adunni....


"What am I living for if not for you What am I working for if not for you, 

Adunni What am I looking for if not for you Yay Yay nobody else, nobody 

else but you."

After completing two years of community college and Adunni works as a teacher to pay her loan back to Reverend Sister Una.  As Adunni  continue on and take her exams for the admission of the University of Ibadan Medical School and guess again what will happen for her?  With help of her father and the professor...well ....

 "No longer did Adunni dare to dream alone; instead everyone around her began to hope and dream too."

Will Adunni become a 'Lady Doctor' she wanted to be as she knew the goal in her life was to help prevent the senseless death of children, like her own sweet sister?"


Adunni & Mike will continue their long distance relationship and more good things come to Adunni after she 'completes one short semester, she received a full scholarship, plus stipend to complete her medical school program.'  I will say from this more good things will come but I will just let you pick up "Adunni Dares to Dream" and see for yourself how well this author brings it all out to the reader.


This was quite a interesting read as we see "Adunni eventually decided she would become a

pediatrician: a doctor for children...'The Lady Doctor.'  She would soon be able to take care of newborn babies, help children in emergencies, and guide parents on how to keep  their children safe and healthy."


Soon Mike would goes to Adunni's parents and ask for her hand in marriage.  However, there was something else that Mike needed to talk to Adunni about.  I don't want to give it away but will say again you will have to pick up this good story and read about it for yourself.


In the end I will say this was a wonderfully well written story that anyone.... child or even a adult will enjoy to read.


I loved this quote:


"Although she was a part of a very hardworking family, Adunni just could not have the finer things in life, like school, books and literacy.  In her culture, girls were just expected to look pretty, get married and have children,  But Adunni Wished for something more for she dared to dream."


I love the ending where the reader will get some beautiful photos that will tell the rest of this  beautifully told story along with a glossary with some questions...."Does Adunni give in to her society's expectations?  Does she chose the status quo?  What are Aduni's dreams and where do her dreams take her and she dreamt on?"  All of these questions and so much more will be answered from this novel "Adunni Dares to Dream."


IN THE END....'ADUNNI DARES TO DREAM' .... The Story of Dr. Ethel A. Adeloye... Wow,  where Her Dream Took Her!   Would I recommend this novel?  YES, it was beautiful written true story.


Highlander Hellcat

Highlander Hellcat - KuroKoneko Kamen, Mathia Arkoniel

Title:  Highlander Hellcat

Author:  Kurokoneko Kamen

Publisher:  Smashwords Edition

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  Five



"Highlander Hellcat" by Kurokoneko Kamen


My Thoughts.....


I will say it took me a minute to get into this read but after continuing on I will say I did enjoy it this paranormal read that dealt with 'Scottish Demons and Devils.'  This novel has a lots of characters from Garth, Gabriel, Leslie, Lachlan, Magnus, Sasha, Dominic, Slaine, Urel, Dracula, Roy Kirstin, Muireall, Charming, Danny, Derek, Rebecca, Lazar, Mrs. Banks, Becca, Agent Jay Darkhurt, James, Erika to Issy...and I am sure I have out a few that will definitely keep you turning the pages to see how this author presents this 'Highlander' story so well to the reader.  I will end saying the reader will be left wanting much more of this action packed story. I guess we will have to get this next novel 'Highlander Hellcat Revolution' to see  how the rest of this story will turn out for Garth and Sasha.   

Highlander Hellcat Revolution

Highlander Hellcat Revolution - KuroKoneko Kamen, Mathia Arkoniel

Title:   Highlander Hellcat Revolution

Author:  Kurokoneko Kamen

Publisher:  K. K.

Series: # 2

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Highlander Hellcat Revolution" by Kurokoneko Kamen"


My Thoughts....


This story continues on from 'Highlander Hellcat" which featured Garth [Scarface, Highlander Hellcat]and Sasha[scientist & veterinarian]. Be ready for some very interesting group of characters from Garth, Sasha, Nerezza, Luco, Gabriel, Danny, Jared, Bowie, Zion, Mr. Emcee, Father Rory, Sister, IIaria, Iona,  Father Marco, Lachlan, Jedite, Greg, Leslie, Levi, Vivien, Tristan, Slaine, Issy, Clyde, to Malakye to name a few that will keep this story going of the 'Highlander Hellcat Revolution' which was so very well written by this author.


There is so much action in the novel that you will have to keep up. Will the 'Black Dragon Clan' be able to 'open a portal powerful enough to let Lucifer and his army of demons through to take over the Earth and enslave humanity?


 By the end the reader will be given the rest of this story of how, what, who and the where to it all.  I did enjoy seeing how well this author was able to put the story together giving the reader a wonderful good read after all was said and done.  So, will Garth and Sasha finally get their HEA?  Well, you will just have to pick up "Highlander Hellcat Revolution" to see how well this author presents it to the reader.

Pregnant By My Mother's Rapist 2


Title:  Pregnant By My Mother's Rapist 2

Author:  Niki Jilvontae

Publisher:  True Glory Publications

Series:  # 2

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Pregnant By My Mother's Rapist 2" by Niki Jilvontae



My Thoughts....


This is the second part of this read that will keep your attention as this author gives the reader quite a active read.  Will things ever be OK for Na Na as long as that Kenan is still around bringing much havoc to her life?  It seems like this guy is always several steps ahead of can this be?  Who

is sharing information with Kenan?  Well, I guess as we are left wandering what will happen next there will have to pick up the the next series where I am more than sure there will be more craziness as the reader will hopefully find out who, what, how and where to rest this well told story.

A Rather Unusual Romance

A Rather Unusual Romance - Stevie Turner

Title:  A Rather Unusual Romance

Author:  Stevie Turner

Publisher:  Creativia

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"A Rather Unusual Romance" by Stevie Turner


My thoughts...


This was one of those reads that I was a little not sure about reading  due to its subject matter but I will say I am so glad that it did read it.  The story really presents finding love after both of the main characters had health issues [cancer].  How the author was able to give the readers a read that will capture your heartstrings, offering even some humor that seem to helped balance it all out was simply well done. It was definite that these two people were in need of someone who would understand just what they're going through.  With Erin and Alan having this same aliment ['life event'] made their story really look at this picture where the reader could see just what was happening for each other as they went through this ordeal together. Will they find love?  How will each of their children take to the newness in each of their parents new life?  I don't think that Erin's ex should have have had anything to say one way or the other due to what he had done.  To get all of this story the reader will have to pick up this extremely good read and see how well this author gives such a well written story that definitely shows 'how love can flourish even in the unlikeliest of circumstances.' There was really something about this read that I really liked!   Would I recommend?  YES!

Ray of New

Ray of New (Ray #6) - E. L. Todd

Title:  Ray Of  New

Author:  E. L. Todd

Publisher:  E.L.T.

Series:  Ray # 6

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  Four



"Ray Of New" by E. L. Todd


My Thoughts....


Well, all I can say is this was definitely a continued read from the last series where  Ryker and Rae, now friends with him  now living in New York.  But will happen when he meets back up with his old friend Liam and meets her sister Austen?  After all of the warning from Liam about his sister will Ryker be able to handle it all when it comes a head. Does it seem like maybe he has some feeling for Austen?  What about the feelings he still had for Rae?   What will it take for Austen to finally realize what is right in front of her before it's too late...but kissing Nathan and guess who saw this? I will say she truly got on my last nerves with her thinking process, so  I guess the readers will have to wait and  see what will come of all of this present situation in the next series.  It looks like maybe Ryker is moving on with his old way of life and what about Austen...will she want to get back with her ex?  Yes, we are left with another cliffhanger!