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The Idea Of You

The Idea of You - Amanda Prowse

Title: The Idea Of You
Author: Amanda Prowse
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Idea Of You" by Amanda Prowse

My View:

A good read that covered 'parenthood and family.' The author gives the reader quite a story that dealt with Lucy, Jonah[newly married] and Camille who was her step-daughter[coming to live with them]. But for some reason or another Camille took a instant dislike toward Lucy. Now, why was that? I found this read very tear grabbing with all that came out of this very intriguing emotional read. The characters were developed but also complex and complicated with human needs and wants. The author brings all of this out in such a unique way giving the reader such a heartbreaking read that you could feel as you are drawn into this emotional story. Will this marriage be able to stand against all of the trauma that they were going through especially with Lucy wanted most of all to become a mom? From the letters from Lucy's POV being full of emotions and then finding out what was the reason for them being presented was so very important and the up and down of feelings were so very important in this read. How was Lucy's relationship with her mom and sister? Were these insecurities and conflicts normal for Lucy and Camille? Yes, there was heartbreak with devastating effects of the ultimate loss, but also there was 'love, hope, courage and family.' I found that this author delivers to the reader not only the right characters to deliver such a important story but also does a wonderful job at giving the readers the right words that could only help one truly understand just what one goes through at a time like this. What will happen as this family has problems with 'anger, guilt, pain, and past secrets that will come out ['is what they don't have worth risking losing what they do have?']
and threaten all that this marriage as been built on? This is where I say you will have to pick up this emotional and challenging "The Idea Of You" to see how well this author presents it all out to the reader to see what Lucy gets as the end. This author really works this story so well with covering the subjects: 'miscarriage, [suffered a loss or infertility], teen pregnancy and relationship breakups.'

By the end the reader will gets a 'poignant love story that carries hope, love and forgiveness for all if it can only be accepted' as this love grows ever so stronger as it is given and received so freely. This is definitely a wonderful story of the ray of hope, happiness and love that needs to be heard every single day!

Thank you to Netgalley, lake union publishing and Amanda Prowse for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. This novel was well done by this author!


Always: A Novel - Sarah Jio

Title: Always
Author: Sarah Jio
Publisher: Ballantine
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Always" by Sarah Jio

My Thoughts...

What a interesting read that seemed to have blended the past and the present together into one good read about Kailey Crain, Cade McAllister, once the love of her life and now her fiancee, Ryan.
For ten years Cade had been missing but Kailey finds him by giving a meal outside a restaurant to the homeless person only to find out that was Cade who had disappeared. The story will go back and forth until Kailey decides to look for him and again finds him and with a friend helps get him into a program discovering he had traumatic head injuries. Now, will this present problems with her fiancee? There will be a lots of things going on in this story with Kailey that seems like a lots of dishonesty in how she really felt about Cade but did she tell Ryan how she really felt? Was she really being truthful with Ryan or keeping a secret? Was Kailey really in love with Ryan...her fiancee or her ex boyfriend...Cade? Well, to find out all the answers to these and many more questions you will have to pick "Always" and see how it comes out. Be prepared for a good love story with lots of 'twist and turns, mystery, forgiveness, turmoils, loss, and drug abuse' with a some predictability, but still a good read. This author did a good job at looking at the homeless and mentally ill who many find themselves on the streets. I will say that ending was a little strange but I know anything can happen as it will for Kailey as 'no one forgets their first love, good or bad' and especially second chance romances.

Devil In Her Bed

Devil In Her Bed - Amarie Avant

Title: Devil In Her Bed
Author: Amarie Avant
Publisher: Jessica Watkins Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Devil In Her Bed" by Amarie Avant

My Thoughts...
Be ready for a very interesting erotic romantic thriller...

From the Stalker....[boogeyman, real crazy man] Jeffery Peterson aka Donald Dudley

......the stalked...Siobhan Lewis

who was killed? ....Samuel, Regina & Everett Godwin...funerals and a few more killings totaling...[15], Alton, Glendora what has happened to Hosea Murrell.... Siobhan's ex? This is really some good reading!

saver of the day.... Lincoln Zagar and his friend Bernard

add into this wonderful story more colorful characters....Siobhan's mom[Shania], dad[Deon] and friend from work... Siobhan's Executive assistant...Tamara...Siobhan therapist, Dr, Beck, Detective Ortiz, Maggie, Agent Quigley, Lenard Murrell & Elora Zager

This story taking place in several locations.... Northern California, LA...Willow Bluff [hundred miles north of San Francisco], San Antonio, Texas, San Diego, Monterey Beach, Sweden, Fort Brags to name a few.

As the story moves along we are in Willow Bluff where Siobhan is hiding from the stalker.... she has a home and decides to go for a run and who does she meet up with during the run? Yes, that Lincoln Zager.

Now this story will take the reader on quite a long journey. Many questions will be asked.... Will Siobhan be willing to put her faith in this hot guy? What was it about Lincoln that even this stalker felt threatened? There will be a lots of twist and turns that will keep you turning the pages to get more of this wonderfully told story. Now, I will say I had some problems with the me I felt she didn't think about certain what could be the reason she wasn't able to get in touch with her best friend and her mom? Didn't she think that there was something wrong with the phones especially after not hearing from her best friend and mom after several weeks? Oh, well as the story continues..we find out more about that crazy is all I have to say. You will have to read this story for yourself to see how well this author presents us with such a thriller of a read.

Will Lincoln be able to find out who the stalker was and how does he handle it with the help of his friend Bernard? What will happen as Lincoln meets and becomes involved with Siobhan family? What had happened in Lincoln's life that had caused some of his weirdness toward his own family? What was it about Siobhan that kept Lincoln so captivated with her? Moreover, what was it about Hosea [a childhood friend] that Siobhan held so dear to her heart about him? But was it the same kind of love that Lincoln held in his heart for her? To find out all of these questions you will you will have to pick up the novel "Devil In Her Bed" to find out!

As the story moves on.... it seems like this stalker will stop at nothing! Or will he? This is a real nut

Now, I definitely don't want to leave out the two....Siobhan and Lincoln...oh yes! It was definitely right on for these two...after they met after that run. I loved the music this author supplied for the readers...Al Greens...'Let's Stay Together' and all of their hot steamy chemistry they had for each other! Why couldn't Siobhan believe that Lincoln wanted more than just keeping her safe? I know she said that she didn't want him hurt with all that was going on with her ...but really?

OK, moving on why was Siobhan hesitate in wanting to call the police about what was going on with her after she moved? What had happened earlier to her when a certain police Detective Ortiz was involved with her brother Sammy's death and Hosea disappearance? It was always interesting seeing these two fall out and then [Siobhan and Lincoln] know...getting back together again.

This stalker..what's he up to now? As the story goes on the reader really gets to see deep down just how crazy this person really is... messing with Siobhan's drinking waters, her security system, phones, and...well I will stop here and just say you will have to read what all this mad man had done or was planning to do! How will he be caught? But before he is caught who next will he kill and then he stopped but then started up again due to ***** asking about Siobhan? What had happened to him during his childhood that had greatly affected his mind? How this person was able to get in and out doing the things he did were simply off the chain...down right scary! This creep seems to be all over the place! Get ready because there will be a lot more happening in the read. I know I have told you a lots but there is even more....

And who comes in and saves the day after it is all is said and done?!

Now, it will take a minute for this story to all come together. Then at the end when the reader will be seeking for....well after this author gives the readers one good read but to get there the reader will be presented with two endings. My favorite one was the first one. Will we get a HEA? ...[here is a quote at one of the endings]: that I loved.....
James 1:2-4
"Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

but you know how this author thinks [very well indeed] giving the reader another surreal the reader gets to choose which one they will like or really it could have both endings that could have happened in this romantic thriller. I am going to stop now only to say this story is one very well written story by this author. Will this Peterson creep get what is due to him in the end? Well, I have said more than enough so to find out all the answers to all of the questions asked you will have to pick up 'Devil In Her Bed' and see for yourself how this story has been presented so well to the reader. Be prepared to be blown away with this erotic romantic thriller read...especially with those two endings! Would I recommend "Devil In Her Bed?" YES!


Rapture: A BWWM Alpha Male Romance (Rush Cambridge Series) - Perri Forrest

Title: RAPTURE: A BWWM Alpha Male Romance
Author: Perri Forrester
Publisher: Chic Loiness Publications
Series: #1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"RAPTURE" A BWWM Alpha Male Romance by Perri Forrester

My Thoughts....

What a story in that you will keep your attention seeing what is coming next. As I first started reading I was truly wondering about Alika Collins in all that she had gone through. Why, was she too naive to know what she should and should not do with online dates? Even though she had been corresponding with this guy for over a year but never meeting this person and then deciding to just show go meet him ...all by yourself? Well what could one expect would happen...and it did! I will say that had me shaking my head for a while but after reading how this story was going I thought I would give it a try and just see how this turns out for Ms. Alika. It seems like everything goes too well with Alika after meeting that 'alpha male' Hunter 'Rush' Cambridge. I was still holding my breathe but as I kept reading it seems like maybe these two Alika and Rush may have something in common great chemistry...definitely mesmerizing! This was definitely one of those stories that it seems like some of the characters were given second chances...well sort of especially with some of Rush's childhood friends [Bart, Joseph & Gavin]. Be ready for lots of high drama, fast paced read with so many twist and turns that the reader will have to keep up because there will be a lots happening. When it seems like Rush has everything he wanted and then we get to the end and it get blown up for poor Rush. What a let down...I was hoping their would be some change with that father [Lance Cambridge]of his but NO and even his half sister[Jamie] too? Why in the world would they both keep that secret? Didn't they know that would only come back to bite them in the **** especially after Rush finds out about this! Oh well, we get a cliffhanger and will have to find out more in this 'Rapture 2' series. So, continuing on... to 'Rapture 2.'

Everything I Always Wanted

Everything I Always Wanted - Stephanie Nicole Norris

Title: Everything I Always Wanted: A Friends to Lovers Romance
Author: Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher: S. N.N.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Everything I Always Wanted: A Friends to Lovers Romance" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Views....

A sweet romance story that features Shelby Donovan and Sebastian Cartwright who had been long time friends since childhood. Now that they were grown will this feeling grow a little deeper for them? It is a good romance read in how this author brings it all out so well to the readers. I will say that the heroine got on my nerves a little but I stayed in there and by the end I was won over in understanding her thought pattern. I even think this would make a sweet movie. Just seeing how these two will seek one or maybe two things about each other gave this story quite a intriguing plot. Not wanting to stop their friendship as to what will happen if each one starts to change their feelings about each other ... as they seemed to be seeing each other in a quite a different way now. Nor Shelby and Sebastian wanted to lose their friendship that they held so high for each other. No matter what each one thought maybe this would bring problems to their forever friendship they had for each other and / or even a career change in location....what were they going to do about this type of situation that was before them? Who will finally give in? And just who or what was 'Excalibur? ' To get the answers to these questions and so much more you will have to pick up this well written novel, "Everything I Always Wanted: A Friends to Lovers Romance" and see how well this author brings it all out to the reader giving us a ending to a good read. I enjoyed as I got toward the end of the story how one of these two [Shelby/ Sebastian] will finally confess their love and do something about it. Will Shelby accept the marriage proposal from Sebastian and will they finally get their HEA? Pick up this read to find out. Would I recommend this novel? YES!

Hush: A Chloe Daniels Mystery (Chloe Daniels Mysteries Book 2)

Hush: A Chloe Daniels Mystery (Chloe Daniels Mysteries Book 2) - Deidra D. S.  Green, Deidra D. S.  Green

Title: Hush: a Chloe Daniel Mystery
Author: Deidra D.S. Green
Publisher: Rathsi Publishing Company
Series: Chloe Daniels Mysteries Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Hush: A Chloe Daniels Mystery" by Deidra D. S. Green

My Thoughts....

We finally get an answer to "Sick, Sicker, Sickest" in meeting Ms. Anna Black[Angel of Death] and now we get more of her in "Hush' a mystery, thriller and suspenseful. However, we get another person who is called 'the baby doll killer.' The author does a good job with giving the reader quite a interesting read that flows back and forth as we read more about these two people...Anna Black[aka Anna Montgomery] and ....well I will just let you pick up the read and see who the other is. I liked how this story is presented with the help of Dr. Chloe Daniels[a forensic psychologist], with her assistant Addison and that police detective Michael Phillips that work so well together to bring these two to justice with the two stories coming out of Atlanta and Georgia. This is quite a intriguing as you read and we see how these two people thought pattern comes to light from what and why they were doing what they did. Definitely off the chart crazy! Why did the song 'Hush little Baby' and sewing so important in this read of these two sick one? Well, I will say you will just have to pick up the good read to see for yourself how well this author has thought it all out for the reader to understand both of these situations that are well presented to the reader. So as we continue we find Dr. Daniels, Addison and Detective Phillips working on Ms. Anna Black case. Does she [the Angel of Death] have 'Munchausen Syndrome with a seconding diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome'...that 'meets several of the criteria outlined by DSM IV-R for narcissistic personality disorder....with sociopathic tendencies?" Now what in the world is all that? CRAZY!! Well...the story leaves the reader wanting more... ABOUT THESE TWO SERIAL KILLERS especially now we have Ms. Anna Black is now saying she 'has decided to testify.' REALLY? Now that will be one testimony I want to hear! As for this other person that is really gone even more nuttier, I guess we will have to wait to see what happens in the next 'Chloe Daniels Mysteries.' What will happen as that car ride begins to 'lumber along' the road. Now what could be possibly go wrong as we will see this crazy person's plans going haywire? One thing is for sure I feel sorry for that Wetherby family [the children] when it all comes out especially with them having to be so close with that crazy sick person. This author does so at well at what she always does and that is give the reader a well told story and in this case I will be looking for the next series to find out what else these two can possibly get into. Would I recommend? YES, however, I would suggest you pick up 'Sick, Sicker, Sickest' to give you a little bit more about Ms.Anna Black.

The Maverick Cowboy

The Maverick Cowboy - Kate Pearce

Title: The Maverick Cowboy
Author: Kate Pearce
Series: Morgan Ranch # 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Maverick Cowboy" by Kate Pearce

My Reasoning:

This is the second in this series...Morgan Ranch # 2 that features Blue Morgan and Jenna McDonald and a few other wonderful characters that will keep you turning the pages. Yes, this will definitely be on of those reads that will have plenty of romance along with some real steamy hot sex scenes. Even though this is a series this novel can be read as a standalone but I do recommend that you read the first series too for even a better understanding of this series.

The author gives us a good story with Blue Morgan returning home from the Marines[of twelve years] who was trying to find his way back as a civilian and working together with his brother Chase and grandmother Ruth. Blue's his job was to care for the horses which put him into close situations with Jenna the local vet. How will this closeness affect them?

Jenna is a veterinarian in her uncle's practice where she spends a lots of time at the Morgan Ranch taking care of there livestock. We find Jenna having had a hard life being adopted and was fighting with her family[who were over achievers] due to her career choice. Even many of the locals [old schoolers] who thought that she couldn't perform her job due to the fact she was a woman. But will things chance as Jenna began to see Blue in a different light? What will happen as Blue become protective of Jenna? Well, before these two can get to an HEA [military guy & veterinarian] will they be able to make it through "[the gray areas of their life], survive Jenna's family, with her secrets and surprises from Blue's past and that crazy drunk rancher who didn't know when to stop." Now, how will this story all plan out as this family history that is so loaded with drama, mystery, suspense, secrets, hope, humor, friendship, redemption and love seems to continue that started in the first series. There is so much going on in this story line with all of its twist and turns that you will just have to pick this novel up and read it for yourself to see how well this author presents this entertaining and thought provoking story to the readers.

I found all the characters [Blue, Jenna, Chase, Ruth,Roy, January, Maria] to name a few who were all all well developed, portrayed, likable, believable that will definitely keep your attention to the end. The author gives this series a wonderful writing style that will definitely get you ready for the next series with involves another brother...Ry who is a twin.


Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine - Darly Jamison

Title: Strawberry Wine
Author: Darly Jamison
Publisher: Zebra Shout
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Strawberry Wine" by Darly Jamison

My Viewpoint...

Looking for a novel with a romance with lots of twist and turns that will definitely keep you wondering what will happen next...then you are at the right place for "Strawberry Wine" will give it all to you. I liked how this author was able to give us a emotional story that was told using 'flashbacks' of a first love and heartache. So, what will happen as Addy and Jake meet again in this small town and rediscover that their is still a bond between them?

The main characters...Addison [Addy] and Jake gives the readers one sweet love story. Getting these two together was simply a work of art. I liked how this author gives the reader a witty banter which gives us a delightful read that felt so real and how this story deals with the prologue, then the past, the present and then on to the epilogue. Yes, this story will skip around so be aware of that and in the end you get these two peoples story being told so well that you can even 'smell the intoxicating strawberry wine.' This is one read that you may find yourself tearing up, smiling and also laughing!

Many of the other characters were all well developed and relatable but one of my favorite people was Addy's grandmother, Mags who was a 'serious matchmaker, cook extraordinaire and a advice dispenser all rolled up into one' giving the reader a intriguing read that you will keep turning the pages until the end. Oops, I don't want to leave out another character I liked and that brought a lots to the read and that was Ruby.

"Strawberry Wine" will give the reader a sweet and spicy love story of how Addy and Jake 'navigate through tender moments and heartbreaks of their romantic love' all tied together in one well written read.


Radiant: The Diamond Trilogy, Book II (BookShots Flames) - Elizabeth Hayley, James Patterson

Title: Radiant
Author: Elizabeth Hayley
Publisher: BookShots
Series: Diamond Trilogy # 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Radiant" by Elizabeth Hayley

My View:

All I can say is that this read had me coming and going and coming and going again! Now, why was this? I am not sure who I felt sorry for Siobhan Dempsey or Derick Miller. In my wildest dreams I a thought that Derick really cared for Siobhan but by the end of this read I simply wasn't sure! It was definitely a fact that he had an horrible obsession with her that was beginning to scare the heck out of me. Derick seemed to not be able to keep doing things behind Siobhan's back that surely she would find out about it all in the end. Was he that clueless? Will he ever learn or just say enough of this? Now as for Siobhan will she ever stop all of this and make a decision and stick with it? Oh well I guess we will just have to see what will happen in the next 'Diamond Trilogy # 3.' Both of these characters really have something going on for them but will this ever happen with what keep breaking them apart. What was up with this man that he thought he could buy her...through buying all of her paintings? Will Derick ever learn Siobhan doesn't want him interfering with her life even though he is a billionaire and had all the money? I can understand the love Derick has for Siobhan but the way he keep repeating the same old thing [following and buying her] is getting old. So, I guess we will have to tune into the next read to see how this story will turn out.

Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You - Donna Alward

Title: Somebody Like You
Author: Donna Alward
Publisher: St Martin's Paperbacks
Series: Darling, VT # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Somebody Like You" by Donna Alward

My Thinking....

Interesting read learning to why Laurel Stone has returned home to heal in Darling, Vermont, now divorced and determined to make a go of her business ....'The Ladybug Garden Center.' However, their is a person Laurel would love to avoid...Aiden Gallagher who just happens to be the local town cop. Now what had happen in HS between these two? Now, how this author brings these two together is really a cute story. What will happen when Laurel needs some help with some vandalism[someone sprays paint on her fence & stole the cash register] and will Aiden be willing to help her with this problem? Then what will happen when the 'town council wants tem to recreate a kiss[retake a childhood photo at five years old] from when they were children on 'The Kissing Bridge?' What was up with 'The Kissing Bridge? Well, legend holds that those who kiss there will be together forever.

Will this be the push that is needed to get these two on the same playing field? Now, what is up when Laurel's ex wants her to come to his the flowers and plants for their back yard? Was this guy for real? Why would Laurel ever consent to do this? What had happened that had brought this friendship to a end seventeen years ago? Why was Laurel somewhat guard against these two... Aiden and her ex-husband? What regrets does Aiden have toward the way things happened with Laurel many years ago. Will they be able to get pasted all of this and start all over again since it seem like they may have something? To get all of these answers you will have to pick up this good read.

I found the characters [Laurel, Aiden, George, Willow, Rory] to name a few were all well developed, entertaining, well portrayed, quirky, likable, real and believable giving this story one well told story with some interesting twists. I liked how this author showed the growth of the two main characters... Laurel and Aiden.

This is quite a new series: Darling, VT # 1' that will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next as the stories get into 'passion, family, friendship and a wonderful community'
giving the reader quite a mesmerizing second chance romance. In the end will Laurel and Aiden get their HEA? Well, to find out you will have to pick up this novel and read this captivated read to see how well written this author will bring it all out.

By the end of this novel "Somebody Like You" will definitely put a smile on your face and having you looking for the next series.

It Hurts Me To Love You

It Hurts Me to Love You - Ms. T. Nicole

Title: It Hurts Me To Love You
Author: Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"It Huts Me To Love You" by Ms. T. Nicole

My Viewpoints....

This story was very well written urban fiction that will keep your attention all the way to the end and then leaving you wanting more. Let's see we have Yamuel [Yam] an over protective father, Snake...Yams best friend, Paisley[Pay Pay] the daughter of Yam, Dana the supposedly best friend of Paisley and then their is DJ...who was definitely involved with Paisley and then there will be a few others that give the reader quite a captivating story with lots of drama. Let me say that these two Yam and Snake has taken over the empire as 'King of the Streets' and in doing all of this they had raised Paisley keeping the fact a secret they she was the daughter of Yam so his enemies wouldn't use her as bait. However, as this story continues the big problem to this story was this father [Yam] ever be able to let his daughter [Paisley now 23 years old] grow up, make her own mistakes and live her own life?' Well it seems like maybe this will happen for Paisley as DJ comes into the picture. But there will be a lots that has gone on in DJ's life that one thing he will not tolerate in his life is a person that lie to him. Now, what had happened earlier in his life would have caused him to be like that?

As this story continues there will be plenty of action going on that will definitely keep the reader turning pages to see what will happen next. Toward the end why was this quote so important to it comes from Yam...during Thanksgiving visit....

"Daddy stood up and greeted Uncle Snake as he often did. "What's good, bro? ****let's eat. Let's live. We are kings, and the streets are our servants."

Why did this statement coming from Yam caused DJ to have the reaction he had? Well, to learn more, yes this is a cliffhanger where you will have to pick up the author next part 2 to find out what DJ has in his mind as he says to Paisley ..."P, I love you baby girl, and always remember that I've always been one hell of a cleanup man, and I promise you, I'm about to do the biggest cleanup of my ******* life." Will the truth of this whole story finally come out?

Year Of No Clutter

Year of No Clutter - Eve O. Schaub

Title: Year Of No Clutter
Author: Eve O. Schaub
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Year Of No Clutter" by Eve O. Schaub

My Thoughts...

This is a true story of how Eve who had one horrible secret and that was that she was a collector of things which turned out to being a hoarder [collector vs hoarder]. What may be a surprise to many but this is so true of a lot of us that just start out collecting things as we will see from Eve's standpoint that she had over 500 square feet [secret Hell room] of things that she has keep because it seemed like everything meant so much to her life. So, Eve decides to start a 'year of no clutter.' Now how will this turn out for her? How will she dealt with what to keep, throw away or send to charity? Has all of this stuff given her 'happiness, joy, satisfaction, or simply a connection to various memories?' I know a lot of people can identify with this book including myself! So, as I read this read I kept waiting to get more advice on how to get get of my clutter but it seemed like this read was more about 'Eve's personal journey and growth [her memoirs] rather to the actual organizational how to guide book.' Now, I will say it was quite a interesting read even though it wasn't quite what I thought the novel would be about. I will say I was given some inspired ways to tackle some of my problem areas in my home. By the end of the read Eve did let the reader know that after a year just what she decided to keep, threw out and donate using plenty of scenarios giving the reader some interesting stories. I did learn from the read this wasn't just about her being the only hoarder in this family, for her husband and father had some of these issues to.

The Delusion of Inclusion

The Delusion of Inclusion - Brian W. Smith

Title: The Delusion of Inclusion
Author: Brian W. Smith
Publisher: B.W.S.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Delusion of Inclusion" by Brian W. Smith

My Viewpoint....

What a interesting story that only this author can give to his readers! I will say by the end of this story I was in tears in how this author presented this novel so well to the reader. This was definitely a excellent read that dealt so well with today's 'prejudices and racial profiling' as we can see that racism still exist in our African American and Caucasian world. The characters [from Wood, Ryan, C- When & Paige] to name a few were all over the top. They were very well developed, portrayed and even humorous as times giving the reader one intriguing, thought provoking as well as a very emotional read that will give you a lots to think about long after the read.

Fire In The Water

— feeling amazing
Fire In The Water - Janice  Ross


Title: Fire In The Water
Author: Janice Ross
Publisher: Jessica Watkins Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Fire In The Water" by Janice Ross

My Thoughts....

This was quite a interesting novel featuring Chanel Bissett and Rhys Colburn. But was about Zach Marlowe? What had happened with all of the plans that Chanel and Zachary had mapped out for their life together? Now, all of that had started from their childhood, but know almost twenty years later...were things different for Chanel and Zach? This will be some story as Rhys comes into the picture definitely causing a 'fork in the road' for these two. Yes, we will find that Rhys had plenty of issues in his life but was he by himself? How will Chanel's mother try to help her in wanting her to find truly know herself? Why was that so very important in this read? As you read this story the reader will be presented with many surprises and twist and turns for both of these two main characters...Chanel and Rhys. How long will these feeling go on between Rhys and Chanel before she will be able to see what in right before her eyes? I loved how Rhys decides what he really wanted and goes after it. What will it take for Chanel to take a moment to stop and smell the roses! Will the dreams hopefully leave Chanel after what happens to Zach. It was quite a wow moment for me when it all comes out about Zachary. How does this affect Chanel? Will Chanel get the help she needs? You will get a very emotional story as the reader will see how well the author brings it all out as these two [Chanel and Rhys] lives are intertwined together. So, in the end "Will either take a chance with a stranger or will the past resurface to shatter the possibility?"

I will say that ending left me in tears.. I loved this quote:

"Do you get it! ....You were listening...I saw us in the artist's take on this work. A tag rested just above the canvas: Fire in the Water...The image was a flame refusing to die while moving from one spot to the next - through the journey of life... The struggle of a determined person will never fully die...Sure, there will be trying forces similar to the water. It's life. And though your fire might dwindle along the way, your core will remain strong."

To find out the answers to all of the questions and to understand that ending you will have to pick up this excellent read to see for yourself how well this author presents it so well to the reader.
Would I recommend? YES!

Sometimes I'm In My Feelings

Sometimes I'm In My Feelings: An Urban Romance - Anna Black

Title: Sometimes I'm In My Feelings
Author: Anna Black
Publisher: Cole Hart Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Sometimes I'm In My Feelings" by Anna Black

My Viewpoints....

I don't know who I felt more sorry for...Anika [NeNe], Mia or Legacy. Truly you will find that all of these women will "find themselves sacrificing their values, morals and standards over men who toy with their feelings and emotions." I am not sure who was the worse man in these women's life. Truly from Kenny, Rey,[Lisa], Omari, Rene' and I am still not one hundred percent about Jaxson and Morris. With all of the drama, lies, secrets and with the twist and turns in the read you will be kept alert turning the pages to see what will happen in the next chapter. This author really brings out the pain that both the ladies and the men where you could feel some of the heartache and pain that one receives when one cheats! I found all of these characters were well developed, portrayed...but few were truly believable as you read and see what is still going on. Now, I hate to tell you but this novel leaves us with a we will have to put up this next series to see how all of this will come out...for Anika, Mia and Legacy.

The Way My Heart Loves You

The Way My Heart Loves You, An Anthology - Dawn Jiles, Trinity Dekane, J. Summers

Title: The Way My Heart Loves You" [An Anthology]
Author: Dawn Jiles, Trinity Dekane , & J. Summers
Publisher: Raquel Williams Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Way My Heart Loves You" An Anthology by Dawn Jiles, Trinity Dekane, & J. Summers

My Synopsis:

A Hustler Stole My Heart by Dawn Jiles ...

Sometime many things are not to be as it was for Jules and Ramia especially when Victoria comes back into the picture! What will happen as someone else steps into the picture? "Hearts will be shattered and many deep secrets will be revealed, leaving you with your mouth wide open."

Real Love or Naw by Trinity Dekane....

What will happen for these two ...Danny and Stephanie as it seems that all the odds are against them.
"Will these two find a way to stay together or will they allow others to interrupt their union?"

‘Til Death by J. Summers ...

Wow, what a interesting anthology that you will have to pick up and read for yourself. When it seems like all has failed....and fate has comes to Maine what will be left for Sade?... "Will her efforts and sacrifice to save her love prove to be worthy or will they be a all in vain?" What a ending for Maine and Sade!

I enjoyed all three of these anthologies. These authors did a wonderful job with there stories making them seem so very real. I would recommend this novel "The Way My Heart Love You" to all of you who especially like unexpected endings.