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The Janes

The Janes - B.M. Hardin

Title: The Janes
Author: B. M. Hardin
Publisher: B.M.H.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Janes" by B. M. Hardin

My Thoughts...

Now I will say this one is one of the most craziest, mystery, and suspenseful novel I have ever read...but it was GOOD! This author Ms. Hardin really knows how to keep ones attention and this one definitely did it for me. Wow, Jane, Jane, Jane...and that Blonde Jane... I think it was a total of 10 of them living on the same block! This story even though it was crazy was very captivating as I turned the pages looking to read more about Jane[s]. By the time I got to the end of 'The Janes'...more twisted Janes come out front and center that goes with that saying 'when something is too good to be true, more likely.. it is!' Will 'Blonde Jane' get hers?! What disappointed me more than anything about the read was the way the husband Brice treated his she had no idea of what she was talking about but even more of a shocker was the best friend of Jane, Charity. Oh, well to truly understand it all you will have to pick up 'The Janes' to see how well they are presented to the reader. This is definitely one heck of a story I will not forget anytime soon. Thank you to the author for doing what you do so well and that is giving the reader a good read!

Retribution: ... Comes Around (Retribution, #2)

Retribution: ...Comes Around (Volume 2) - NyRee Ausler

Title: Retribution...Comes Around
Author: NyRee Ausler
Publication: N. A.
Series: Retribution # 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Retribution...Comes Around" by NyRee Ausler

My Thoughts....

As this story continues from the first novel...'Retribution: What Goes Around' to 'Retribution: Comes Around' as it is still dealing with quite a 'love triangle...Asaya, James and Rey. The author puts in her work as she delivers to the reader quite a group of characters who were somewhat rather complexed and definitely having you wondering is anyone in the story OK? Oh, yes I did see there was was one person....Asaya's mom. But would Asaya she be willing to listen to her? I found Asaya...well all I will say one quite one naive and gullible individual who even at the end I was left wondering did she really get it? This was a well written and thought out read that will keep you turning to pages to see what in the world would be coming next because this was definitely not one of those predicable stories. I will say that the ending caught my attention because it seems to me even more would come to Asaya as it seems someone else has her attention. Or maybe I should say he definitely had his attention on her....from a quote:

"He was a little smarter than she gave him credit for. He knew she wasn't into him, but didn't care. After all he had done for her, she was stuck with him whether she liked it or not. If she tried to play him again, he'd be sure she found herself in yet another life-threatening situation. This time, he wouldn't be there to save her. **** who says nice guys finish last."

I will say to truly understand this novel a little more, I would suggest the reader read the 'Retribution 1' first because it will definitely help you better understand of what is happening in 'Retribution 2.'

Thank you to the author for a gift of her novel for my giving my honest opinion of the read.



The Forbidden Highlands

The Forbidden Highlands - Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Terri Brisbin, Amy Jarecki, Collette Cameron, Emma Prince, Victoria Vane, Violetta Rand

Title: The Forbidden Highlands
Authors: Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Terri Brisbin, Amy Jarecki, Collette Cameron, Emma Prince, Victoria Vane & Violetta Rand
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Forbidden Highlands" by: Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Terri Brisbin, Amy Jarecki, Collette Cameron, Emma Prince, Victoria Vane & Violetta Rand

Featuring: The Forbidden Highlands..'The Maiden of Moray' .by Author Victoria Vane

My Thoughts...

This is a beautiful medieval Scotland story that is portrait in 'The Maiden Of Moray.' The beautiful
details that are presented in the story is so well done giving you the feeling this you are there in the midst of it all. The story features Alexander has been chosen as a tutor for the Domnall. Since Alexander is now getting to see the world before taking his vows what will happen when see sees Lady Sybilla? What does she have in mind for him since she has never been kissed? Will Alexander began to question whether taking his vows would be the best for him especially when 'secrets that have been long hidden from him' began to come out. Will all of this alter what is out there for him? Be ready for some very complex characters with some backstories that will keep the reader interested in what will come next. Well, to find out how this story will come out I guess the reader will have to pick up the next series to see what will happen between Sybilla and Alexander.

Along with "The Maiden of Moray" the reader will get quite a collection of a total eight short entertaining romantic novellas all dealing with 'Forbidden Love.' Each of the stories are well written with 'their unique style to capture the reader's heart' and will definitely hold ones attention to the very end and will have you wanting to get the next story.



Winter Kisses

Winter Kisses (A County Fair Romance) (Volume 2) - J. Haney, S.I. Hayes

Title: Winter Kisses
Publisher: Hayes/Haney
Series: A County Fair Romance Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Winter Kisses" by S.I. Hayes & J. Haney

My Thoughts...

I liked this series ...[A County Fair romance Book 2] 'Winter Kisses' as it continues so very well from the first series..'Stolen Moments.' With the holiday coming how will these two... Fallen and Justin along with her protective brothers manage the holidays. The story will take quite a turn when Justin ends of visiting New York during New Years along with Fallon, Pete and Nick. Now that will be one trip for them as they meet Justin's best friend Blaine. There will definitely be a twist in this read as Justin meets with his father and mother. That will be quite a trip and let's now leave out Justin's best friend Blaine. How will all of this effect Nick situation? Oh, well as the story goes on it will seem like the story will come together however, another twist will come onto the scene when Justin comes back home to Kentucky. Now, I will stop here and just say that you will have to pick up this good series to see how wells these two author gives the readers a well written series. Now, what will come next for the favorite two main characters [Fallen & Justin] along with the rest of the Hopkins brothers and a friend [Blaine] in the next series [A County Fair Romance Book 3] in 'Spring Fling.'

Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments (A County Fair Romance) (Volume 1) - S. I. Hayes, J. Haney

Title: Stolen Moments
Publisher: Hayes/Haney
Series: A County Fair Romance Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Stolen Moments" by S.I. Hayes & J. Haney

My Thoughts...

These two authors[ S.I Hayes & J. Haney] have given the readers a well written series['A County Fair Romance Book 1 in 'Stolen Moments'] that flows together so well definitely keeping you turning the pages. All I can say is that they did a wonderful job in their collaboration giving the reader a good read. Truly, this was a beautiful romantic story that features Fallon Justine Hopkins and Justin Allen Blackthorne. What will happen when this feisty and sexy lady meet a handsome and sexy guy?

With these two main characters add the secondary ones and the reader will get a well developed, portrayed and believable read that will carry you through this wonderful story. Be ready for lots of 'emotions....from sadness, happiness, anger, excitement, worry, anxiety' to family drama that will at times have you even laughing at some of the antics of the read.

What will happen as this tattooed city boy who was running from his past drifts into their lives and meets up with the this twenty three year old country girl who had stepped into her mother's role in helping her brothers as well as her father? What will happen when that seems to fall apart and a big secret will come out? I liked how these author's brought out the over protectiveness that was showed by the brothers and even the father. After all is said and done will this family be able to pick themselves up and put things back together again a certain incident happens? Will Justin and Fallon finally achieve a HEA? Well, to get all of these questions answered and a lot more the reader will have to pick up 'Stolen Moments' and see how these two authors bring it all out so well to the readers. After the reader finishes with this series Book 1...let's go on to the next series...A County Fair Romance Book 2 in 'Winter Kisses' where we will get more from Justin and Fallon.

Ray Of Heart

Ray of Heart (Ray #5) (Volume 5) - E.L. Todd

Title: Ray Of Heart
Author: E. L. Todd
Publisher: E. L. T.
Series: Ray # 5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Ray Of Heart" by E. L. Todd

My Thoughts:

What a beautiful ending to this Ray # 5 series and I must say I enjoyed all of these series. Rae was truly a pill at times with her changing her mind going back and forth with what she really wanted. Be
ready for a little bit of it all from 'heartache, love, friendship, heartbreak and there was even some sports' bring into the read that will definitely keep you turning the pages to the end to see what would go on next. I enjoyed how this author brings it all finally together giving the reader one beautiful ending that wasn't just for the two main character but .... I will stop here and just say you will have to pick up 'Ray Of Heart' and see for yourself how well this story all comes out. I liked the family and friend support that was so very strong in this series and showing how in the end one can change if they really want it. I wouldn't only recommend this series but the whole series 1-5. The readers will not be disappointed.

Faking Lucky

Faking Lucky - Q. D. Purdu

Title: Faking Lucky
Author: Q. D. Purdu
Publisher: Q. D. P.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Faking Lucky" by Q. D. Purdu

My Thoughts...

A good read of 'second chances' that happened to two HS sweethearts of Hunter and Desdemona. However, things will change for these two. Be ready for a fun, steamy passion, heartbreak, suspense hilarious, poignant and quick phenomenal read that will keep your attention to this twisted end. What will happen when her ex boyfriend announces on national TV that when had been faking her orgasms during their relationship? Now, how will this story come out? This is where I will say that you will have to pick up this story to see how all of this will come out. In the end the reader gets a well written romantic comedy that will definitely keep one interested turning the pages.

Ray Of Time

Ray of Time (Ray #4) (Volume 4) - E.L. Todd

Title: Ray Of Time
Author: E. L. Todd
Publisher: E.L.T.
Series: Ray # 4
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Ray Of Time" by E. L. Todd

My Views...

The author knows just how to keep our attention as this series features Rae, Zeke and let's not leave out Ryker. When it seems like everything good is going for Rae and Zeke who do you think appears and things seem to go down hill from there? The story is made with such intense that you are able to feel all of the raw emotions and oh my goodness the drama will be brought up and out front and center and I don't want to mention all of the hot steamy sex! Well, this ending will only have you wanting to know how in the world will this all come out. Will Rae and Zeke finally get their HEA in the end? Well, I guess we will have to pick u the next and final series to find out in 'Ray of the Heart.'

Thank you to the author for a early ARC of your read for my honest opinion of the novel.

When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2

When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2 (2 in 1 Box Set) - Charlotte

Title: When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2
Author: Charlotte Marshall-Murray
Publisher: Shani Greene-Dowdell Presents
Series: When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2" by Charlotte Marshall-Murray

My Thoughts.....

This was a good adult fiction read and involves romance but then that goes down hill soon due to infidelity.

Book 1 was about Nala and Kendrick Jordan having it all... good jobs and marriage but would that be enough for this couple?

Book 2... We find as Nala Jordan is getting more busy with her job of teaching, writing books and also a criminal psychologist...working non stop which also involved traveling and with all of that having less time for her husband Kendrick. Well that's when another person comes becomes involved with her husband. And that's when I will say things are about to happen now! I found I couldn't understand nor believe that husband! What is it to that saying...."What was done in the dark has come to light and this time Nala is all cried out"especially after she comes home earlier? Now, what will she find?

This is where I say you will simply have to pick this one up because this story gets even more interesting and we are left wanting to see how well this author brings it all out this story. How will "Dr. Nala Jordan, famous criminal psychologist and her handsome witty, husband Professor Jordan" make it out of this mess that it all up and front? The reader will have you wanting even more that is coming out in the next series..."When The Heart Turns Cold 3."

Dreamland Burning

Dreamland Burning - Jennifer Latham

Title: Dreamland Burning
Author: Jennifer Latham
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Dreamland Burning" by Jennifer Latham

My Conclusion from reading ...'Dreamland Burning'.....

After I saw a news coverage in my area about this author, her new novel "Dreamland Burning" and especially with her being from my area I knew I wanted to read her novel and also met her[and even got her autograph]. I am so glad to say I had that privilege of three things.....meeting this author, reading"Dreamland Burning" and reviewing her excellent read.

When I was in college...many years ago I did a paper on 'Tulsa's Race Riot 1921' so when I saw and heard what this novel was about I knew I had to read it. Even though it is a genre as a historic fiction it is mixed with some mystery and truth that I found in the history of the 'race riot' was fairly right on the mark of what had gone on in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921. At that time there was 'extreme racism, discrimination and hate especially toward and against African-Americans'. This 'race riot' resulted in the death of hundreds of black African-Americans and the destruction of the Greenwood area of town of Tulsa was known to be one of 'the worst incidents of racial violence in the U.S. history.' What shocks me even today is that many people know absolutely nothing of this incident. It did happen people!

This author really gives the reader some descriptions of certain areas that I was able to pick up and know the area in which was spoken about. A lots of these locations described in the read are still located in Tulsa today.

My thoughts on how this author presents this story using the past/present version [alternating perspectives in different time periods] was really quite unique in how it was done using two main diverse characters...

Rowan Chase:[as the story is from the present] living in the modern day in Tulsa[2017].... a seventeen year old, bi-racial...her mother was African -American and her father was white...from a wealthy family...went to private school and they even had a servant's quarters. For Rowan lived in a 'post-racial society and a fairly sheltered life.' Rowan's mother was a lawyer and her father was a doctor.

And then we have .... a little connection...with these two main characters....The Chase's home where the skeleton [I know I am getting a little ahead of the story] was found had been commissioned to be built by William's parents in 1921. The money that was used to build this home was however, not from William's father but his Osage mother. Now, why was that?

William Tillman [as the story is from the past] living in Tulsa in 1921 during the Tulsa Race Riot... a bi-racial boy seventeen year old living with ...his mother who was Native American [Osage] and his father is white. William's father was the owner of a Victrola store. This period of time of this [past]story was between May 31 and June 1st, 1921 when Jim Crow was at its height.

I loved how this story will alternate back and forth from Rowan to William to Roman back to William all the way to the end of the read. You get a Part I and even a Part II. So, nothing is left but for you to do but start reading! I took several days because I wanted to absorb all of the well written story even though some of the read had such 'virulent hatred that just leaped off the page' that caused me to really shake my head and wonder how can some human beings be so cruel. But that's the way it was back then or is it still like this for some African-American people in some form or another?

How does this all start....

The present...
Now this author gives the reader quite a story of what happens after Rowan mother gets the 'old servant's quarters' renovated and that is when a century old skeleton is found buried underneath in the backyard on the Chase property. We find Rowan who was a great protagonist setting out to discover who this was and how they died by doing some amateur detective research. Oh, I will say at this point Rowan had some help with all of her investigating and that was her best friend, James who just happened to be a asexual character [Oh Yes!] and just happened to be 'part Kiowa and part Black.'
What happens while Rowan is interning at a local clinic in Tulsa where there will be issues of racism, and social inequality that turned out to be quite a eye opener for her?

The past...
The story comes in where William who goes to a 'Two -Knock'' with his friend Cletus Hayes and gets upset seeing a white girl [that he liked] being touched by a black man named Clarence Banks. There will be a lots of tension built from this situation ...because this was definitely a no no at this time in history. Now, what all will become of this situation when it was known at this time in history that.....even

"Glancing sideways at a white woman was near enough to get Negroes lynched in Tulsa. Shot, even, in the middle of Main Street at noon, and with no more consequence than a wink and a nudge and a slap on the back."

This author gives the reader chapter after chapter of the days leading up to the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 and I will say it wasn't a pretty read at all for me. As the read goes on we find that William worked in his father's shop where he comes involved with two African-Americans...Joseph and Ruby. Now I will stop here and only say you will have to pick up this good read to see who they were and how they played into this very interesting story. I will not say who but their is another character that really I didn't care for and oh ....well I will say just pick this up this enthralling read and see for yourself who this person was that was one creep as you read through the read.

Now if you continue to read 'Dreamland Burning' you will get one twisted story that will go back and forth giving the reader quite a historical fiction read but it doesn't stray away from the truth of just what was going on [DURING THAT TIME PERIOD]. "What will happen as William must decide which side he is on and what to do about his decision?"

The characters in the past/present were all off the chart [but there were a few I didn't care for at all] but for the most part I found some were well developed but also complexed too, well portrayed, defined and even down right believable. The the reader is given this 'incredible as well as a astonishing read that will give one something to think about long after you put this engrossing read down. I will say even though there was some 'profiling, violence racial slur [n-word] may have been used I felt it was used to give a true understand and the effect of that particular situation at that time. I thought it was well done by this author and I liked the note the author left concerning why she used those racial slurs in her read.

What will happen when these two versions from different centuries come out and their stories intertwine as harsh truths from the past and present begin to surface?

Now, I know a lots of people may not be interested in this kind of historical fiction read but it was good read about racism all up front and center even as the past/present racism was showed... due to the color of their skin and the injustice that it causes. This is where I say again you will have to pick up this good read of 'Dreamland Burning' to see how Rowan becomes 'savior of the present day in Tulsa and Williams story of the past that happened in 1921 comes together so smoothly. All of the questions asked and more will be answered as the reader reads on and on to the very end.

By the end the reader will be given one amazing read...full of historical fiction, ninety year old mystery, murder with some other complex themes that one will definitely be able to relate to its humanity during this social unrest at that time. The author brings the story all together giving the reader the 'understanding of this history [Tulsa Riot 1921] and its mysterious skeleton.' I felt that this author did a heck of a good job as she was able to give the reader of "Dreamland Burning' that takes place at two different times/ places and in the end bringing it all together before us as we are given definitely a eye opening all front and center of what had truly happened in this whole story.

I will say that this author really did some extensive research work giving the readers quite a story even though it is historical fiction but how she brings in two main characters who were bi-racial...dealing with the issue of racism and hate crimes were truly well done with such humility and tack. It definitely presents the problems that has happened in the past and even addresses the present in the 'prevalence of the same issues we still see every single day whether one wants to admit that the Tulsa Riot of 1921 did happen. Well done to you and thank you for giving the reader one excellent well thought out riveting read. I hope many who may not have heard of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 will know that this did happen right here in great city of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921. "Dreamland Burning" is not only a important novel but one smart one that may not have all the answers but ultimately hopeful ones to pull from. Is there room still for growth as our Tulsa society when it comes to race issues? YES!

Repent At Leisure

Repent At Leisure - Peter Conway

Title: Repent at Leisure
Author: Stevie Turner
Publisher: Creativia
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Repent at Leisure" by Stevie Turner

My Thoughts....

This read I must say left me on the edge of my seat with this psychological thriller read. There were so many of twist and turns the reader simply may not be able figure it out until the very end. I am simply not sure who I felt more sorrier for...Paul or Anita....definitely there was some help needed. What happens as someone comes up dead? What happens after Paul and Anita are married? Will she start regretting rushing into this marriage due to Paul's strange behavior shifts? Will he seek help? What will happen after Paul gets in touch with his brother Terry who lived in Australia? What secrets will come out from that visit to Australia? After they return back home what will happen next
between this couple. This is where I will stop and say you will have to pick up "Repent at Leisure" to get all of these questions answered and so much more. I will say I was left shaking my head and saying I didn't see that one coming. However, this author is noted for giving the reader surprises and that was one surprised ending for me.

Stuck In a Love Triangle

Stuck in a Love Triangle - Jade Jones

Title: Stuck in a Love Triangle
Author: Jade Jones
Publisher: Jade Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Stuck in a Love Triangle" by Jade Jones

My Thoughts...

An interesting quick well written read that had quite a abrupt ending especially for Kelly, Jason and even Rome. With all the drama that is so present in this read I had hoped for something less than heartbreaking but oh well, all stories do not have HEA as it was in this love triangle.

Watching You

Watching You: A terrifying thriller with a mind-bending twist (Detective Kerri Blasco Book 3) - J.A. Schneider

Title: Watching You
Author: J. A. Schneider
Publisher: R.G.S. Media
Series: Detective Kerri Blasco Book 3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Watching You" by J. A. Schneider

My Thoughts......

Another good thriller mystery read 'Watching You' that I thoroughly enjoyed the read! This novel is a third in this series.. 'Detective Kerri Blasco' which can be read as a standalone read. This thriller mystery will get Detective Kerri Blasco involved with three murders..Leda Winfield, Tricia Simms and Patrick Vale. However there will be a little twist in this read as these bizarre murders will involve Detective Blasco personally. I loved how this author was able to bring in information about the homeless as the reader will see from the read. This will be a case with lots of twist and turns as this murderer is texting to his victims 'WATCHING YOU' on their cell phones.Now, how will this be done? It will be quite a case of 'cat and mouse' but Detective Blasco will not give up...'even if it means battling her own personal trauma, risking her job, her love relationship with her boss Alex Brand and her life.' I don't want to spoil it for you other than to say if you are in for a good mystery thriller ...pick up "Watching You" to see how well this author gives to the reader another good story as Detective Kerri Blasco brings it all out front and center.

Thank you to the author for a early read of your novel for my honest thoughts of the read.

Helping Helper

Helping Helper - Tara C. Allred

Title: Helping Helper
By: Tara C Allred
Publisher: Patella Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Helping Helper" by Tara C. Allred

My Thoughts....

What a story that showed when you turn it all loose and truly forgive you will be able to take hold of your life as it was for Kora who seemed to have a hard time with all she went through to get to the right part of her life s she learns to trust the right person.....herself! What had happened when Kora's then husband Tony was simply horrible at what he had done leaving her in Helper. However, was this a good thing due to the fact that in Helper it seemed like maybe Kora life was changing for the good in so many ways. Will Kora even find a love there in Helper after she divorces Tony? Working in the restaurant and becoming involved with the community activity working on the Plein air which was about "painting in natural light instead of a studio" and it seemed like all was going well for Kora but you guessed it...things don't always go the way they should. With Kora meeting a lots of wonderful people there in Helper as she really is starting to have a different view of her life after all that she had gone on with her ex husband but what will happen when her sister Tess tell Kora really what had gone on in her on personal life with her husband Tony? How will this make Kora feel toward her sister who she had always thought of her as being miss prefect. Will Kora and Tess be able to "make the right choices to find happiness?" And now Tony comes back in the picture and will this present a problems for Kora? Is Kora still wishing and hoping for a wonderful life she had written and read in her journal about this guy, Tony? Now, I will say that Kora worked my last nerve at times as she seemed to drift back and forth but with a few interesting characters [from Tony, Martha, Tess, Luke, Colton, Greg] to name a few that will be in the story as some of them will hopefully keep her on the right path. I enjoyed how this author was able to bring out all out of what had happened previously between Kora and her parents. The author gives the reader a little suspense toward the end that had me holding my breathe. The story "Helping Helper" will definitely keep you turning the pages as this author will take the reader through a lots of it all from the 'wishy-washiness ' of the main character as [Kora] makes up up mind what is best for her and in the end I thought she was quite surprised at how things ended for her. At lease I was! To find out how Kora life will come out from this story you will have to pick up the good read to see how well the author presents "Helping Helper" it to the reader.



Hot Green Tea

Hot Green Tea: The Delicious Series Vol.3 - Yolanda Williams, Yasmine  Jameson

Title: Hot Green Tea
By: Yolanda Williams
Publisher: Moore & Poesy Publishing
Series: The Delicious Series Volume 3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Hot Green Tea" by Yolanda Williams

My View:

This erotic poetry by this author is very explicit and as it brings out this tale of 'Boiling Water and Flamin.' All I can say is drinking a hot cup of 'Green Tea with honey and lemons' will never be the same for me after reading this author's steamy hot read about how it can make one feel definitely with the right partner. Now this is a very adult read so please be aware of that and it is also a very short read that is one well written piece of poetry in a very sexy erotic poetic setting. All that is left to say if you want to read it ... do as I did and pick it up and see what 'Hot Green Tea' is all about and how it has been presented especially for any of you have a 'fetish for hot green tea.'

The Idea Of You

The Idea of You - Amanda Prowse

Title: The Idea Of You
Author: Amanda Prowse
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Idea Of You" by Amanda Prowse

My View:

A good read that covered 'parenthood and family.' The author gives the reader quite a story that dealt with Lucy, Jonah[newly married] and Camille who was her step-daughter[coming to live with them]. But for some reason or another Camille took a instant dislike toward Lucy. Now, why was that? I found this read very tear grabbing with all that came out of this very intriguing emotional read. The characters were developed but also complex and complicated with human needs and wants. The author brings all of this out in such a unique way giving the reader such a heartbreaking read that you could feel as you are drawn into this emotional story. Will this marriage be able to stand against all of the trauma that they were going through especially with Lucy wanted most of all to become a mom? From the letters from Lucy's POV being full of emotions and then finding out what was the reason for them being presented was so very important and the up and down of feelings were so very important in this read. How was Lucy's relationship with her mom and sister? Were these insecurities and conflicts normal for Lucy and Camille? Yes, there was heartbreak with devastating effects of the ultimate loss, but also there was 'love, hope, courage and family.' I found that this author delivers to the reader not only the right characters to deliver such a important story but also does a wonderful job at giving the readers the right words that could only help one truly understand just what one goes through at a time like this. What will happen as this family has problems with 'anger, guilt, pain, and past secrets that will come out ['is what they don't have worth risking losing what they do have?']
and threaten all that this marriage as been built on? This is where I say you will have to pick up this emotional and challenging "The Idea Of You" to see how well this author presents it all out to the reader to see what Lucy gets as the end. This author really works this story so well with covering the subjects: 'miscarriage, [suffered a loss or infertility], teen pregnancy and relationship breakups.'

By the end the reader will gets a 'poignant love story that carries hope, love and forgiveness for all if it can only be accepted' as this love grows ever so stronger as it is given and received so freely. This is definitely a wonderful story of the ray of hope, happiness and love that needs to be heard every single day!

Thank you to Netgalley, lake union publishing and Amanda Prowse for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. This novel was well done by this author!