The Christmas Catch

The Christmas Catch (Holiday Brides Series) - Ginny Baird


Title: The Christmas Catch Author: Ginny Baird Series: Holiday Brides # 1
Publisher: Winter Wedding Press Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4

"The Christmas Catch" by Ginny Baird

Book Description....

A new Christmas novella by bestselling author Ginny Baird...
Book #1 in Ginny's Holiday Brides novella series.

Since the death of her military husband two years ago, single mom Christine White has struggled to get by. By throwing herself into her work as a Chicago copywriter, she's managed to keep food on the table but has gradually lost sight of what really matters, like building a bond with her four-year-old son. When Christine's best friend insists she spend Christmas in Vermont so she can get her life in order, Christine initially resists. Little does she know she's in for a memorable holiday that will reignite her faith and reawaken her heart.

Bachelor professor John Steadman has given up on finding the right one. Spending time with his friends while keeping up with his job seems satisfying enough. Then one day close to Christmas, a beautiful woman from Chicago nearly runs him off the road during a snowstorm. What's more, she's got a kid in her car. It's only natural that John and his trusty golden retriever want to help drag them out of a ditch and steer them toward their destination. What John doesn't expect is that soon he'll be hoping Christine and her son will be staying in Vermont - for more than just a little while.

What I enjoyed about this read...

This was one good short novella that was full of all of it...humor, holiday spirit, romance, a mother's love, even sex to getting the love you want. This author really works her magic with this well written story line and oh my god... what a cast of characters. that gives the reader such a good detailed story for the readers. This was truly John and Christine's wonderful sweet romance story that once you start reading this novel one will find it hard to put down until the end as it will leave you with a warmed heart having read such a holiday Christmas story.