The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap

The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap: A Kavanagh Family Novel - Kendra Little


Book Description....

"Cleo knows her job is borderline unethical, but she tells herself that the businessmen she spies on are arrogant and greedy. Besides, it pays well and she needs the money for her sister's medical bills and to put her through art school. But when that art school's very existence is under threat from Cleo's latest target, billionaire Reece Kavanagh, she will do anything in her power to stop him and keep her sister happy.

Until she falls in love with him.

He was supposed to be a jerk, but Reece turns out to be everything Cleo ever wanted in a man. His heart is not cold and empty as reported, but beats only for Cleo. So when he reveals the dark secret that drives him to close down the school, she knows she has to stop him, for his own good as well as her sister's.

But what will Reece do when he finds out that the woman he trusts has been undermining him all along? "

THE BILLIONAIRE BOYFRIEND TRAP is a complete standalone novel with a satisfying ending. The novels in the Kavanagh Family series are:
#1 The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap
#2 The Billionaire Boyfriend Proposal
#3 The Billionaire Boyfriend Bargain (coming soon)

Title: The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap" by Kendra Little
Author: Kendra Little
Publisher: K. L.
Series: Kavanagh Family Book # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap" by Kendra Little''

What I liked about the novel...

This was a nice short read that I rather liked. It was quite interesting seeing how this heroine did get the hero in the end. The characters were all well developed, well portrayed and believable giving the reader a well written script that will keep your attention until the end. I did not find this one a predictable read because toward the end the reader will be given quite a twist that will give new light in this interesting story. I liked how this author end this series 'The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap" to the next series....'The Billionaire Boyfriend Proposal' and it sounds like another interesting read.