The Man Who Loved Too Much

The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 1: Archipelago - John Rachel, Cassandra Nutterknoll, Archimedes Delusio III

Book Description.....

"This is the story of Billy Green. When he was just turning four, his father tried to throw him in the trash. He was a smart kid but that just seemed to create enemies.

His mom did everything to protect him. But this was Detroit, armpit of the wasteland! Catholic school didn’t help much, except the time he got his first kiss from an atheist nun. Home life was dismal. Was his father capable of anything but drinking beer and farting? And what was with that neighbor who made puppets and tried to molest Billy? Golly! Detroit was sucking the life out of him. At such a young age!

Then adolescence swirled around him. Like water in a toilet bowl. High school was a B movie. Only without a plot. So finally he did something about it. Billy ran away… to college. Cornell University. That was a good move for sure! He studied hard, lost his virginity, met the love of his life. Things were definitely looking up! What could possibly go wrong? Isn’t that what we always ask?"

Title: The Man Who Loved Too Much
Author: John Rachel
Publisher: Literary Vagabond Books
Book 1: Archipelago
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Man Who Loved Too Much" by John Rachel

This author really presented the reader with a story that was simply a amazing good read as this was part one of of this trilogy. I was simply amazed that as I read through this journey how much I simply enjoyed this entire well written story. At times I was left feeling so sorry for Billy Green and at other times I was found simply cheering for him. The story setting starts in Detroit, Michigan where Billy at three years old lived with a loving mom and abusive dad. Starting at Thanksgiving Day at the Parade this story continues on through his college years where Billy meets the love of his life. As the story continues it will take you through some interesting times from Billy's childhood being home with his mom, .his first day at kindergarten... on to the the Catholic schools events...on through his high school years in Troy Jr. and Sr HS where there would be some painful memories....on to Billy's his first kiss ...then off to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY...his mom's illness and on to his first love where Billy meets Natalie Diamond.

What I especially enjoyed from this novel....

What I especially enjoyed about reading from "The Man Who Love Too Much" was that I was able to laugh so hard at some of the read and yet there was parts of this read you could feel real sadness too. In this intriguing story you are able to feel the pain that this hero is dealt with along with his happiness as you are lead to keep turning the pages until the end where you will find many twist and turns in the story. A lots will come out of this read and this is where I want to say you will have to pick up this novel to see what else this author has in store for the reader. It will be some journey and in the end I was left wondering about that best friend of Natalie ...Pam. Now really what was Pam up too in her presentation to Billy and Natalie at the Lucatelli Ristorante? I don't know but I felt that there was something going on in that best friend relationship (Natalie and Pam) but I am sure this will be cleared up in the next trilogy for me. Now, to get this and the rest of the story you will have to read it for yourself. The details presented in this story along with the history of what was going on at that time was absolutely wonderfully brought out making you feel that you are right there in the midst of it all.

What I also liked about this novel....

I liked how this author was able to give the reader such a interesting, intriguing and captivating well written script showing this hero 'young man's coming of age.' This novel will leave you definitely wanting the next trilogy to this wonderfully told story about Billy Green. So, in the end we have a first trilogy of Billy Green from three years of age well into his college, what a read that I would definitely recommend to you.