Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire (Sultry Southern Nights) - Deborah Fletcher Mello


Title: Playing With Fire
Author: Deborah Fletcher Mello
Publisher: Dafina
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Playing With Fire" by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Book Description....

"Romeo Marshall is over six feet of cool, smooth, hot, southern seductiveness--just like the music at his popular Raleigh club, The Playground Jazz and Blues Bar. With his beloved mother gone and no father he's ever known, the business is Romeo's everything. It's a place where anything can happen--and the evening one gorgeous young woman and one intriguing old musician walk into the bar--and into Romeo's life--it does.

There's something about high-powered, down-to-the earth Taryn Williams that captures Romeo's attention like no other woman has. Yet unanswered questions from his past seem to hold him back from real commitment. For Romeo to move forward in love, he'll have to learn some devastating truths--and James "Piano Man" Burdett is there to teach him. And with Taryn's help, Romeo just may accept that like music, life sometimes needs to be improvised. . ."

What I liked about this novel...

"Playing With Fire" was one very interesting story featuring Romeo Marshall who had it all, but really did he? Romeo had grown up not knowing his father. What will come of Romeo when he meets 'Piano Man' and finds the secret that had been held from him by his mother? What changes did this cause in his life? Will the love of Romeo, Taryn be able to help him through this tough time or will it be his friend Malcolm that will be able to help guide him back on the straight and narrow path? To get the answers to these questions and so much more you will have to pick up "Playing With Fire" to see how well this author brings it all out to the reader. I found this story to be a very interesting and a captivating read as this author is able to give the reader a well written story of what true love and forgiveness really is. The characters are all simply off the chart good, well developed, defined, well portrayed and believable all helping to give us a well rounded story that will grab your attention and keep up till the end. Would I recommend? YES!