There Was A Time Freeze: The Early Years

There Was A Time Freeze: The Early Years - Roy Glenn


Book Description:

"There Was A Time; Freeze The Early Years takes a look back at Freeze when he first earns his position in Mike Black’s organization."

Title: There Was A Time Freeze
Author: Roy Glenn
Publisher: Escapism Entertainment
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"There Was A Time Freeze" by Roy Glenn

What I liked about the novel....

What I liked from my read of "There Was A Time Freeze...

This was another good but quick read by this author featuring Freeze in Mike Black's saga. This was quite a interesting read of how Freeze came to be one of Mike Black's enforcers. By taking the reader to where it all started proving himself not only to Mike Black but also to Nick and Bobby. This short read will keep your attention on point about the business that went on in the streets in Black's organization. In the end the reader gets the feel for wanting more of 'Mike Blacks Series.'

I will say I have read all of this authors series of Mike Black but after checking I found I had missed reading this one I have read them all and I definitely found this was another good read.