The Sound of Glass

The Sound of Glass - Karen White

Title: The Sound of Glass
Author: Karen White
Publisher: Penquin Group Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance, DAW
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Sound of Glass" by Karen White...

What I liked about this novel....

The author present a good well written contemporary story of Merritt's life... where we find her mom dad, grandmother and now even her husband all dead. Now, it looks like life is over for Merritt but it seems like this story isn't quite over getting a notice that she has inherited her late husband's home she moves from Maine to South Carolina. Will returning to her late husband's home place give Merritt any closure from this move? What happens when Merritt's 10 year old brother arrives with his mom... her step mother at her now new place? Will she get the solace that she needed? Why is all of this so very strange as the story comes out? This author gives the reader a story in two parts and this is done so very well where you really get some very complex characters that will keep you captivated in a read where you will find hard to put down with there being some real problems that will come up. Also the description of this southeastern area like those real hot summer days, lush gardens, rivers, sandbar and those sea glass wind chimes were simply well described for the reader especially bringing out even to the fear that Merritt had. Be ready for a good story as the mystery and some long buried secrets start to unravel in this twisted story. It was quite interesting read as the story as comes to an end and Merritt starts her own journal on her new journey with the Cecelia Gibbes Hayword Women's Shelter and maybe with a new love. In the end this was a very good told story that I would recommend as simply that ...a good read.