Cherished - Maya Banks, Lauren Dane


Title: Cherished
Authors: Maya Banks and Lauren Dane
Series: Delicious # 1
Publisher: Insatiable Press Limited
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5
Reviews: (two)

What I liked from Maya Bank's story.....Exiled

Story Rating: 4
Hero's Rating: 5
Heroine Rating: 4
Romance Rating: 4
Heat Rating: 5
Imagination: 5
Ending: 4
Narrator Rating: 4
Overall Rating: 4

'Exiled' was one interesting story featuring Talia, Prince Alexander[Xander] and his most trusted friends.' This is a real BDSM theme and this author gives the reader a very intriguing read where the heroine feels that she has to take care
of a debt to Prince Alexander. Will Tia be able to fulfill this obligation? Be ready for some real interesting characters that in the end will give the read some 'passion, love and oh yes some raw sexuality.' This story plot was really something to take in and wanting to tell it so,
I will say you will have to pick up this read for yourself to see how this will all come out if for not other reason than to check out those steamy scenes that this author know how to give her readers.

we have Lauren Dane's story....Sway

Story Rating: 5
Hero's Rating: 5
Heroine Rating: 5
Romance Rating: 5
Heat Rating: 5
Imagination: 5
Ending: 5
Narrator Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5

'Sway'... was my favorite novella's of the two reads. I really
enjoyed this author's perception of a sweet story of a younger woman with a older man. I liked this story of Levi and Daisy and I found most of the characters to be well developed, well portrayed and believable giving the reader a interesting and captivating read that will keep your attention till the end. I thought that this plot was very realistic and in the end the reader is given a sweet sexy read. Be ready for some erotic dominate scenes.