Lady Bang: A Knockout Story

Lady Bang: A Knockout Story - Kierra Petty

Title:  Lady Bang:  A Knock Out Story

Author:  Kierra Petty

Publisher:  Sullivan Production LLC/Leo Sullivan Presents

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  4.5



"Lady Bang:  A Knock Out Story" by Kierra Petty


What I liked about this novel...


This author  gives the reader quite a story that is short but to the point.  This was my first read of anything like this...a woman boxer?  But it all made sense of how this all started up with  Emmy's boxing career and this becoming her real job after her nursing career fell through.  I did find a lot of the read somewhat predictable, as it all seemed to be going well for Emmy until she meets this certain person that she couldn't say no to and this did cause her life to spiral to a very dark place.  I felt a little sorry for her in that Emmy felt that she had no one to talk too.


Now, we will be left to see if Emmy will be able to pick up the pieces of her life in the next  part of this read. Wow, what a state to be left in abused and....  Hopefully in this second part we will see a new Emmy where she will value herself more than being with a certain person. Well, this is where I say you will have to pick up the read to see for yourself how well this author will bring it all out to the reader. Hopefully this bad person in Emmy's life  will get exactly  what he deserves in the end.  However, we the reader will be left wondering what will happen to Emmy's boxing career in the state she will be left in?  I guess we will find out in part 2.