Something To Prove

Something to Prove: A Magnolia Beach Novel - Kimberly Lang

Book Description...

"In the small waterfront town of Magnolia Beach, Alabama, people may forgive, but they never forget—especially when it comes to scandalous reputations, juicy gossip, and a sexy new flame.

Former wild child Helena Wheeler was happy to leave behind her hometown—and her sordid past—for Atlanta twelve years ago. But when her grandmother suffers an injury, Helena has no choice but to return, even if it means facing down all the people who have shunned her.

Ryan Tanner went from being a football legend in high school to Magnolia Beach’s young, hot bachelor mayor. As a teenager, he never wanted anything to do with a girl like Helena. But when she hires Ryan to do some construction in her grandmother’s house, he finds that she’s grown up into a different person—one he quite likes.

For Helena, confronting her past has its share of surprises—and falling for the resident golden boy was definitely not on her to-do list. But will her reformed ways be enough to get her back in the town’s good graces, or will her reputation keep Helena and Ryan apart for good?"

Title: Something to Prove
Author: Kimberly Lang
Publisher: Signet
Series: Magnolia Beach # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Something to Prove" by Kimberly Lang

What I liked from this novel...

After Helena Wheeler's grandmother suffers an injury she knows that she will have to return to Magnolia, Alabama after twelve years where it seemed like 'people don't forget, they love gossip and lets not forget a new flame'. Helena soon finds out that these people haven't forgotten what had happened to her. Now, what all was that about? Why are the town people holding Helena's past against her? Had she really been that 'former wild child' in the past with a very scandalous reputation? The question that comes before us now that she is back is ... has Helena now changed?

Then their is Ryan Tanner who was now the towns mayor of Magnolia, Alabama and who wanted nothing to do with Helena due to her past reputation. Now, why was that...him stayed far away from her as teenagers as it seamed like there was always some kind of trouble that would involve her ? However, now that he has to work with Helena in order to help her grandmother, Ryan finds out that she wasn't at all what everyone had said she was. Was she someone he was falling for? Will Helena start to have feelings for Ryan in this town where she had said she would never want to live in? Will Helena be able to live in a town that is against her...will she be able to prove she is not what they think she is? Will she even be able to prove it to herself? Now, that is the real question! Now to answer all of these questions and more the reader will have to pick up this novel and see how well the author presents all of this to the readers where she really brings this town of Magnolia Beach to life with some very interesting characters.

By the end of this novel I found the message that this author had for the reader. You will only have to read this novel to get it. "Something To Prove" was a sweet flowing story that will keep your attention and turning the pages till the end.