All I Ever Need Is You

All I Ever Need Is You (The Sullivans) (Volume 14) - Bella Andre


Title: All I Ever Need Is You
Author: Bella Andre
Series: The Sullivan's # 14 Sullivan's #5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"All I Ever Need Is You" by Bella Andre

What I loved about this read.....

This was a beautifully told fun loving story of matchmaking of Kerry and Adam who fell in love. We find Kerry was a Wedding Planner and Adam was an Architect and true Seattle Sullivan. I loved how this author brought them together in such a interesting way and who knew that from one meeting with the two of them would cause them to have such feelings for each other that would turn into something so beautiful. With Kerry and Adam having different feelings on marriage and love it, one looking for 'true love' and the other who doesn't do long term .... they enter into this hot wild sex fling. What will happen with 'Their Arrangement' as these two get even closer to each other? Will this one night/week at a hotel for sex turn into something that neither one will want to stop until Kerry's family history will get in the way of this relationship? What will happen when Adam lets Kerry know that he wants a full blown relationship with her? What will Kerry say and do now? I really worried somewhat about Kerry's feelings about her father, mother and even her sister to why this relationship will not work with Adam in this monotonous dialog that seemed to go on and on. Be ready for a read of lots of emotions from both of these two main characters. Well, this is where I will say you must pick up this good read to see how well this author will present it all out to the reader. This was very well done in the read. I loved how this author brings out the Sullivan men that do finally face the realities of life and know that they have been bitten by this thing call love as this author bring it all out to so well to the reader as one will see "The Sullivan men do not give up...they go after what they want."

I loved this well written amazing love story where all the characters were all so very interesting. Wow, what a family to be visited with the whole Sullivan family[brothers/sisters/cousins], to that certain moment [Kerry's decoration of her love for Adam] at Brook and Rae's rehearsal dinner and to even in the end getting a little more of what will be coming up next on this wonderful journey of the East Coast Sullivan's. Bring on Drake Sullivan story!