A Basket Brigade Christmas

A Basket Brigade Christmas: Three Women, Three Love Stories, One Country Divided - Judith Mccoy Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson


Title: A Basket Brigade Christmas
Authors: Judith Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Basket Brigade Christmas" Three Women, Three Love Stories, One Country Divided By: Judith Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson

What I liked about this novel....

Three wonderful stories of how they came together from Decatur, Illinois meeting the medical trains all happening during the civil war....where we find a these stories are interwoven being that they are three books in one. It was quite interesting as one read will continue on from the other...during this historical time. I found this read so interesting in learning about the 'Basket Brigade' which turned out to be such a heartwarming stories as each story brings out the 'suffering of the wounded soldiers who were passing through their town.'

The first story being about Lucy who used her home to help the ones in need of care. Will she in the end be able to choose the right person for herself?

The next book was about Sarah...who had a hard time in her life...would she pull herself through it all in the end?

And lastly the third book...was about Zona....who seemed to be very much into herself.

It was very interesting seeing how these three authors will give the reader a separate story with one building on to the next story...with all coming up to the Christmas season. All of these authors were able to put such a interesting well written read together...giving the reader such a intriguing and captivating read where you will find from the read...friendship, love, and family. I love this historical details of this story and I don't want to leave out those authentic recipes that will be included in the end of the read. I would definitely recommend this read especially to Christian Historical Fiction fans.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest.