A Knights Bridge Christmas

A Knights Bridge Christmas (Swift River Valley) - Carla Neggers

Title: A Knights Bridge Christmas
Author: Carla Neggers
Publisher: MIRA
Series: Swift River Valley #5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"A Knights Bridge Christmas" by Carla Neggers

My Thoughts....

If you like a sweet Christmas love story then this novel is for you. I liked how this author
was able to bring these two people together...Logan and Claire. Claire was a widow and new Librarian with a son Owen who had come to live in Knights Bridge. How will this all come about? Claire also did a program with the seniors at the retirement home....therefore meeting Daisy. Logan was a ER doctor who was from Boston had come to Knights Bridge, Massachusetts to help his grandmother [Daisy]get settled in the local assisted living facility and also get her home ready to sell. However, Daisy wanted her home decorated for the holidays one last time from putting her home up the for sale sign. Needing help with this decorating job ....Logan gets Claire's help and this sweet story will take off from here. Was Daisy up to some matchmaking needing Claire to help Logan with the decorating of her home? To find out you will have to pick up the good read to see how well this author will bring it out to the readers. I felt it was a sweet holiday story of how two people being brought together during this season in the quaint town. Would I recommend? YES!

I received a copy through NOR in exchange for an honest review.