Your Spouse, My Sponsor

Your Spouse, My Sponsor - Pebbles Starr, Micah Shipp

Title: Your Spouse, My Sponsor
Author: Pebbles Starr
Publication: Jaded Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Your Sponsor, My Sponsor" by Pebbles Starr

My Thoughts....

My,my, my,my my! What a read that will keep your attention as you will be kept turning the pages and will be wanting more and in the end left saying my, my what a read. There will be so much going on in this story that you will have to kept up with it all from the drama, drama, drama and the twist and turns all giving the reader a good read. There will be some characters[Castle, McKenzie] in this story that are down right ...well, you will just have to pick his one up and see for yourself how well this author brings out this well written story that in the end you will be wanting the next part of the story. Well done to the author!