Brock's Redemption

Brock's Redemption: A "Spirit" Mate Series - E.j. Brock, Marc Brock, Deatris L. Jones


Title: Brock's Redemption
Author: Eva J. Brock
Publisher: Createspace
Series: Spirit Mate Series # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Brock's Redemption" by Eva J. Brock

My Thoughts.....

What a interesting read..a paranormal romance with a 'Arch Angels and Trembling Demons.' This author really gives the reader a good well written story about Brock and Jodi. I loved how this man...Brock really knows how to take care of his woman...Jodi. Be ready for a read that will give you some 'historical, biblical, funny, spiritual and a wonderful powerful romance. What will happen when Fred Brock aka the watcher finds his 'Spirit Mate?' What will happen when Jodi's family turn there back on her? This was definitely a way to find ones 'Soul Mate' with a alpha male and a strong woman. The author really presents the reader with a 'love story, the fight again Good and Evil' and come humor that will have you laughing so hard. "Brock's Redemption" will be a fast paced read where you will be turning the pages to see what was coming next. And saying that I will be ready for this author's next series 'Spirit Mate # 2 Ramiiel's Symphony # 2.' If you would like a good paranormal read I would definitely recommend this author's Brock's Redemption to you.