UnLove Me

UnLove Me - Dawn Martens

Title: UnLove Me
Author: Dawn Martens
Publisher: D. M.
Series: The Angels Warriors Complete Trilogy
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"UnLove Me" by Dawn Martens

My Thoughts...

What a trilogy read 'The Angels Warriors MC' series. It was such a pleasure to get three reads all in one read. This novel was wonderfully well written. I did find that to get the complete story you will have to read it in order. Book one ...'UnKiss Me' was of Eden's and Jasper's story. Book two...'UnTouch Me,' was of Lily and Vinny's and Book three 'UnBreak Me' was of Hilary and Mason's story. I loved how these the three stories intertwined with each other. Each one of these stories deals with a secrets that had been kept and handled. 'UnLove Me' is full of suspense, lies, infidelity, revenge, sexy steamy scenes along with all the drama,[dysfunctional family drama], mystery, misunderstandings, humor, and sadness that will keep you turning the pages till the end. It will not be hard to keep up with the three stories because the author will repeat some of the scenes from a previous book 1, 2, or 3. I will say I liked that for the most part of the stories being repeated as the story in that particular part of the book will flow and intertwine very well into the rest of the story.

All six of these main characters were quite some individuals with some being wilder and even living some real crazy lives but considering that this is a motorcycle group story, I guess that would be expected. Along with the characters being well developed, portrayed and somewhat believable the reader will get ones one intriguing story after it all said and done. Now, I will say be ready for a read that is 'brutally violent, abusive, emotional and downright hard to read at times,' but if you can get passed all of that and continue on to the very end of this story, one will find you have one heck of a good trilogy that I would recommend to you.

This book was provided as an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.