Razor Sharp Embryo : A Raney and Levine Thriller

RAZOR SHARP (EMBRYO: A Raney & Levine Thriller Book 6) - J.A. Schneider

Title: Razor Sharp: Embryo: A Raney and Levine Thriller # 6

Author:  J.A. Schneider

Publisher:  R.G. Schneider, M.D

Series:  Embryo 6

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Razor Sharp" by J.A. Schneider 


My Thoughts....


Another well written story of the  'Embryo 6 series' by this author. We find with  "Razor Sharp" with Jill and David the duo doctor couple while on vacation do it once again helping the police catch the psycho who was murdering featuring 'transvestites. trams gender woman and a 17 year old hustler.' Be ready for a little bit of it all as this bad person is brought down in this bloody mystery thriller suspenseful novel with a lots of twist and turns.  I would recommend to get it all from the Embryo series to start with the first one and read you way through to this series.  You will not be disappointed at all, however this series is a standalone read.


Here they are is you would like to take a look at them:


"Series order:

  • Embryo ..... Is a malignant genius tinkering with women's bodies? 
  • Embryo 2: Crosshairs ... A killer stalks women & an unborn baby.
  • Embryo 3: Raney & Levine...A murderous religious zealot threatens women ("sinners!") and a newborn.
  • Embryo 4: Catch Me ... A serial killer just targets couples.
  • Embryo 5: Silver Girl ... A beautiful young TV star dies mysteriously..
  • NEW! EMBRYO 6: RAZOR SHARP: A Jack the Ripper type killer is murdering male prostitutes: A transvestite, a transgender woman, a 17-year-old hustler - to him, they're all males. Police again ask Jill & David to help..."

This author seems to have mastered it all in 'being so creative with such thought provoking stories and giving you such a good understanding of the medical and even the detective world.'  I love how she was able to bring into the story of Jill and David's son....the three year old Jesse who proved to be quite helpful in this case.  I will stop here and say to get the whole story you will just have to pick up "Razor Sharp" to see for yourself how well this story is presented to the readers.  I found this novel a page turner and had me guessing right up to the end who the corrupt murderer was.  Will there be a Embryo 7?  Well. I guess we will just have to wait and see!