One More Night With You

One More Night with You (The Blue Dynasty) - Lisa Marie Perry


Title: One More Night with You
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"One More Night with You" by Lisa Marie Perry

My Thoughts...

I loved the read. "One More Night with You"had some of the characters from 'The Blue Dynasty Series' which involved the owners of the Las Vegas Slayers. It was quite interesting seeing a former DEA agent Josephine de la Pena meeting up once again with Zaf Ahmadi. Would Joey be able to trust Zaf ever after what had happened to her due to the fact that he was the cause of it happened? What had happened to Joey? Be prepared for a story that will have a lots of twist and turns but it will definitely keep you turning the pages to see what was next for these two. Will Zaf be able to forgive himself for what he had done to Joey? To see how this all comes out you will have to pick up 'One More Night with You' seeing how well it all ties into a wonderfully written story. Be ready for the criminal element that comes to light, weddings, dangers lurking, and even help coming from Joey's parents. Now, I will say that was certainly a surprise! In the end of the story will these two be able to put their past behind and get back to what they once had? Would I recommend? Yes!