The Restaurant Critic's Wife

The Restaurant Critic's Wife - Elizabeth LaBan
Title: The Restaurant Critic's Wife
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"The Restaurant Critic's Wife" by Elizabeth LaBan

My Thoughts...

I liked the cover design very tasteful for this story that this author gives the readers. This novel gives the reader a little bit of it all from humor, to motherhood, marriage, to some restaurant reviews, wonderful culinary skills to some interesting foods. This author gives the reader a intriguing story of her life [Lila] before her marriage and after she met her husband Sam [food critic]settling down in Philadelphia with their three year old daughter, Hazel...and later with a new little one on the way. How life will change for Lila as she thinks after the baby Henry is a little older returning to work however Sam wasn't for that so how will things changed for Lila? Why was this? What had happened in Sam's life that brought on his insecurities? At times I wasn't one of Sam's fans. Sam didn't want Lila to socialize even 'with their neighbors, have friends, or have their daughter to even attend birthday parties.' What was up with all that ...just because he was a food critic? Thank God Lila did had a mind of her own...being 'smart, sassy, and driven' and not letting Sam get in her way. Yes, I do believe that in a marriage one can have difference of opinions and still be in a solid good marriage. In the end well I will stop here and say you will have to pick up this novel to see how this author brings it all out so realistically to the reader.

I received this book from Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley in return for an honest review.