True Beauty

True Beauty (Beautiful Ugly Book 1) - Shelia E. Lipsey

Title: True Beauty
Author: Shelia E. Lipsey [Bell]
Publisher: Bonita & Hodge Publishing Group, Inc.
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"True Beauty" by Shelia E. Lipsey

My Thoughts....

This is the second read in this series for this author...with 'Beautiful Ugly' being the first one. I would suggest you read the first read before reading the second one...'True Beauty' because be doing so you will be getting the whole story of these three friends...Envy, Kacie and Layla who are still struggling to find their divine beauty.' The author continues the story with the struggles of self images of these three friends as they move forward. Will there be some new changes in their life? YES! Will these friends finally find their 'divine beauty' that they so deserve as they find themselves battling each other as well as their demons? I like this read that showed how these characters growth from the inside out. This was indeed a beautiful realistic read of one coming to terms with one's own past mistakes and definitely learning to love yourself. Would I recommend "True Beauty?" YES!