North Of Here

North of Here - Laurel Saville

Title: North of Here
Author: Laurel Saville
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"North of Here" by Laurel Saville

My Thoughts....

This was definitely one of those reads[written in four sections] that seemed to grow more interesting as you kept reading even though it was a long slow paced process.I will say if you stay with the read you may become hooked. The four main characters[all complexed]..Miranda, Dix, David[Darius] and Sally were all somewhat intriguing in one way or another and if nothing else you would keep your attention reading to see what was coming next as they were introduced into the read. I will say this was quite a sad read and it was presented with many twist that will keep your attention. By the end of the read was this a story of 'Miranda's struggle to get past all of her family dynamics, or love between two individual people, or the exploration of a psychological morass of a narcissist who set up his own cult??' The part that I hated seeing in the story was the 'helplessness as a bystander who see the harm in what is going on but can't change the outcomes or the disaster.' Will Miranda ever get the happiness she wanted? Well, all I will say is to get these answered you will just have to pick 'North of Here' up and read it for yourself. Yes, I thought this read was a bit tragic and sad however this author did give the reader not only a blunt read but something to think about long after the read in the way she presented it.

I received a copy of this First Read from Amazon in exchange for only my honest review.