House of Cars

House Of Cars (Fairley High Series) - Shelia E. Lipsey

Title:  House of Cars

Author:  Shelia E .Lipsey

Publisher: Bonita  and Hodge Publishing Group

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"House of Cards" by Shelia Lipsey


My Thoughts...


What a interesting read about fourteen year old Nyl's and his family.  This author brings in some very good points showing how children can be so mean and cruel to each other.  Being homeless can be such a stressful situation as it was for the Person family after the death of a mom and wife.  This had been a well kept secret but after Nyl who was a HS freshman and star point guard on a basketball team  is spotted in a local soup all starts to come out about what all is going on in his life.  How will this be dealt with?  I liked how this author was able to bring this all out to the readers as she 'incorporates lessons about tolerance, sensitivity and hardship' in her read.    I found the characters mostly well developed, portrayed and believable giving the reader a well written story with enough twist to keep your attention till the end giving the reader a very thought provoking read.  Truly how we treat people is very important in our everyday life's.