Elite Affairs II: Simple Elegance

Elite Affairs II: Simple Elegance - Deidra D. S. Green


Title: Elite Affairs II: Simple Elegance
Author: Deidra D.S. Green
Publisher: Rathsi Publishing Company
Series: Elite Affairs II
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Elite Affairs II: Simple Elegance" by Deidra D. S. Green

My Thoughts...

I will say that this was one wonderfully written story that continued on from 'Elite Affairs I:
Orchestrated Beauty' that I thoroughly enjoyed. This author really has a way of keeping you so attentive to her stories that you will find it hard to put down. The read finds Chrisette Duncan-Elliot still dealing with her own self images of herself...a horrible ending with that Langston,a dysfunctional family...mom and sister with problems...but still she had her career which seemed to be doing great. This part of the read deals also with Chrisette's friends and also 'ladies of Elite Affairs Inc.' ... Carmen, Tempsett and Zion. Each one of these ladies had a story that was very interesting to read about. Will Chrisette final find a love of her life as Gabriel comes more into this picture? Will he be their for her thought the thick and thin of her life as she still is having to deal with that Langston and her mom and sister [Desiree and Juliette]? Will there ever be any forgiveness for this family for all that had happened? I did love how this author was able to present this story in such a way that all questions and there will be many will be answered in the end. So, I would definitely recommend that you pick up both of this authors novels to fully understand what has gone on before and see how this ending will come out for one Ms. Chrisette Duncan-Elliot. Will it be a good ending?