The Daughter In Law Syndrome

The Daughter-in-law Syndrome - Stevie Turner

Title: The Daughter In Law Syndrome
Author: Stevie Turner
Publisher: S. T.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Daughter In Law Syndrome" by Stevie Turner

My Thoughts....

I will say that this author really did some magic with this wonderful read. I found it very well written covering all the subjects of 'The Daughter In Law Syndrome. I was left only saying Wow...very well done! The characters from Arla, Ric, that mother in law [Edna] and a few more were well developed, defined, portrayed and so believable giving the reader a read that will definitely keep your attention. Will seeking help after twenty eight years of marriage through a counselor [Toni] be able to help Arla and Ric in their marriage issues? Again this author did a wonderful job in presenting how it all starts...and continues on through dysfunction...even passing on to the siblings that can bring on even more disaster to the whole family.

In the end will there be a understanding between Arla, Ric, his mom, his sisters[Val & Jan]? How will all of this even help Arla with her son and daughter in law[Ria]? To get these questions answered and so much more I would definitely recommend you pick up this well written read. This is one those reads that any married woman may be able to relate to. Thank you to the author for a excellent read!