Saddle Up

Saddle Up (Hot Cowboy Nights) - Victoria Vane


Title: Saddle Up
Author: Victoria Vane
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Series: Hot Cowboys Nights #4
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Saddle Up" by Victoria Vane

My Thoughts...

Who would have thought that when Miranda Sutton meets Keith Russo while making a documentary about him that they would in the end 'Saddle Up' in the end. I loved how this author was able to give the reader such a intriguing romantic read that involved a 'half Native American horse whisper and wrangler and a film maker [until she decided to work with mustangs]. It seems like meeting Keith was the best thing that could have happened to Miranda as it was the start of her loving mustangs. The characterization of not only Miranda and Keith but also Jo-Jo[Miranda's grandmother] was a internal part of this well written story...all being so well developed, defined and believable. As the story continues we will see what will happen as Miranda and Keith's romances will come about, then then go their separate ways only to come back into play after Miranda's grandmother Jo-Jo [Josephine Mirabelle Sutton] 'decides to reinvent her ranch for displaced mustangs' after Miranda shows an interest in wanting to stay there in Wyoming and help with this venture. Will Miranda get the help she needs from Keith? Why was Keith so against doing this for Miranda? Why did Keith seemed so lost? What had happened to him in his past that had caused this? I loved Keith's pet name for Miranda which was 'Aiwattsi' that was indeed so beautiful along with its meaning. The reader will see from the read that this author did some well done informational research of these wild horses that simply giving the reader quite a interesting read that will keep your attentiveness to the end. Will Miranda and Keith get what they want from each other in the end? To get the answers to these questions and many more the reader will have to pick up the wonderful series "Saddle Up' which is a standalone read and see how this story will all turn out. 'Saddle Up' is this author fourth in this series and was definitely one of my favorite series. Would I recommend? Yes!