When a Rich Thug Wants You

When a Rich Thug Wants You - Pebbles Starr, Micah Shipp


Title: When A Rich Thug Wants You
Author: Pebbles Starr
Publisher: Jade Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"When a Rich Thug Wants You" by Pebbles Starr

My Thoughts....

This was another one of this author's good reads...a good urban fiction with a little bit of it all straight from the hood! From some intriguing well development of characters...from the three friends Raelyn, Blue & Symba, then there is Jett, Caesar, Canyon, Deon, Zac, Ace, Roman to a few others will keep this storyline popping from one drama to the next crazy twist and turns and suspense to the very end. And in the end...well we will be given a cliffhanger...only leaving the reader wanting more from this authors next series....oh there will be a total of five in this series. So, what will happen next?