Xmas Unwrapped

XMAS UNWRAPPED (Holiday Hunks Book 1) - Lynda Bailey

Title: Xmas Unwrapped
Author: Lynda Bailey
Publisher: L. B.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Xmas Unwrapped" by Lynda Bailey

My Thoughts...

This was a sweet short novella about Ally and Mace. Without Ally knowing of her soon to be ex husband was trying to get one over on her that is when Mace steps in. Now, how does he do this?
After Mace meets her and ask her out for dinner...will Ally's life be the same? Well, you will just have to pick up this good read and see for yourself how well this author presents it to the readers. For it will be definitely a read that will keep your attention to the end.