Vengeful Vows

Vengeful Vows: Sins of the Flesh Book 3 - Parker J. Cole

Title: Vengeful Vows
Author: Parker J. Cole
Publisher: Electio Publisher
Series: Sins of the Flesh Book 3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Vengeful Vows" by Parker J. Cole

My Thoughts....

Now, this was one interesting read that was this author book 3 in this series 'Sins of the Flesh.' Many of the characters from her previous series will come on the scene in this well written story that will feature Daffodil Simmons. This lady was one to not miss with. Daffodil had one thing only on her mind and that was getting revenge from 'her father and her former lover.' Be prepared for a very detailed story where the reader will see how well this author will leave nothing unturned with so many twist and turns you will have to keep up with this story. The reader will find this story definitely a attention grabber because each chapter will bring one closer to how the story fits into this entertaining read. I found all the characters [Daffodil Reanne, Vincent, Oswell, Leah[Blaze], Jacob, Siwatu Okoro, Tomaso Vilette, Samuel, Brenda, Theodore Greene, Heather Simmons, Celeste, Solomon, Cordelia, Benny, Latina, Patrick Batcher, Morayo, Claude Bonner, [Priscilla], Glenn and I am sure I left some out] simply off the chart good, well defined, portrayed and believable giving the reader one interesting intriguing good read. I was not sure who I was rooting for until almost the end of the story. This is one read where the reader will find a lots of hateful things that were or had been going on. It was quite interesting seeing how well this author unfolds it all for the reader. I was left thinking many times .... wow and ooo wee did that just happen? Why was Daffodil so disliked in this story by the Westwood, Martin and Greene family? What was that 'web master situation all about?' Will Daffodil get what she desired most in her life by the end of the story? Well, I am not will have to pick up this read and see for yourself how well this author brings it out so well to the readers. All I will say is this was some story because a lots will come out about the Martin and Greene family in the end! Be prepared for a good well written story that does come to a end and oh what a ending! Will Daffodil finally get her HEA? Check it out to see for yourself and YES, I would definitely recommend this good read.