Good In Bed

Good in Bed - Jennifer Weiner

Title: Good In Bed
Author: Jennifer Weiner
Publisher: Atria Books
Series: Cannie Shapiro #1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner

My Thoughts.....

A interesting read of what this plus size (16) girl [Cannie Shapiro] had gone through being called a fatty from childhood and even into her adult life. We find Cannie now at the age of 28 a 'pop culture reporter' for the Philadelphia Examiner and all seemed well until her ex boyfriend (Bruce) writes a byline...."Loving a Larger Woman." This definitely gives her quite a slap in the face. What will Cannie do and how she handled this situations was truly something to read about. I had so many mixed feeling for this heroine because of the way she felt about herself [self-esteem] as she would goes through a little bit of it all...'facing her past, mourning her losses, figuring out just who she is and who she can become.' This story will take the reader around in one huge circle presenting some very interesting situations and people...from Cannie's dad, her mom, her mom's lover and some interesting friends like Samantha, Maxi, Peter an let's not leave out her dog Nifkin to name a few. As Cannie plunged into misery how will she decide to make some changes in her life? For me this is really what I felt this story was all about. Be ready for a long story with lots and lots of drama and I will say there are some humorous parts that had me laughing out loud!

I loved this memorable passage....

"I will love myself, and my body, for what it can do-- because it is strong enough to lift, to walk, to ride a bicycle up a hill, to embrace the people that I love and hold them fully, and to nurture a new life. I will love myself because I am sturdy. Because I did not--will not--break."

Will Cannie get her HEA? ...Well, you will have to pick up this read to find out.

This ARC was given by the publisher and NetGallery in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.