Beyond The Face Of The Movies

Beyond the Face of the Movies - D C Lassiter


Title: Beyond The Face Of The Movies
Author: D. C. Lassiter
Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Beyond The Face Of The Movies" by D.C. Lassiter


My Thoughts....

This was quite a thought provoking read that will definitely keep your attention. Why? What was this novel about? I liked how this author presented the reader with ... "This non-fiction book will produce meaningful lessons and real life examples in order to help its readers better navigate, naturally and spiritually, through devastating or wonderful circumstances in their own lives today." I found it very alluring in how the author gives us as well analyzed contrast of the 'Hollywood and Biblical movies along with their characters. As we read through each section of the contents from "Supernatural Powers, Fallen, You Get What You Deserve, Sure of what you Hope for, Skin Deep, Perfectly Positioned, Uncertain, Unsinkable, Weeds of Life, A Shepherd With the Heart Of A King to Change' ['eleven short stories that can be read anytime separately or collectively'] the reader will get quite a exclusive nonfiction read where you will learn so much from each of the chapters that dealt with 'gratitude, stamina and self discovery.' It was very intriguing in how this author connects it all spiritually, using wisdom and even some humor. One of my favorite chapters was "Supernatural Powers" that I thought was beautifully done as it brings out some very stimulating scriptures. Why? Now, this is where I say you will have to pick this read up to see for yourself how well this author presents it to the reader. Another one of my favorite chapters in this novel was the last one 'Change' which talked about 'people will want to 'change.' At the end of the story I loved how this author ended this story of change...talking about Saul and Ebenezer Scrooge....


"I would like to end this story with a part of the song Ebenezer Scrooge sang after he awoke the next morning, the morning after the scales came off his eyes, the morning after being in his own abandoned building waiting for the outcome of his life. He woke wanting to scream out what he had discovered at 1:00am, 2:00am, and 3:00am when the conflicts in his heart, mind, and spirit would not let him sleep. Scrooge wakes up and says this:

“Perhaps it didn’t happen after all, but perhaps it did. But I’m alive... I’M ALIVE! I’ve gotta chance to change, and I will not be the man I was. I‘ll begin again... I‘ll build my life.... I will live to know that I fulfilled my life. I’ll begin today...throw away the past... and the future I will build will be something that will last. I will take the time... I have left to live, and I will give it all, that I have left to give. I will live my days, for my fellow men, and I live in Praise, of that moment when... I was able to begin... again.”


Now, to truly understand the above quote you will have to pick up the wonderful read and see what it is all about for yourself.


After reading "Beyond The Face Of The Movies" will it send you running out to buy the movie? ..Well, if this is so there will be definitely a great possibility that it may have you wanting to get your popcorn and favorite beverage ready for your movie!

Will you find this novel a 'easy to read' book? Yes, just pick up this good read as you will be encouraged in more ways than one 'packed with principles and promises' that I would recommend to you as a good read.


Thank you to the author/publisher for the PDF read of 'Beyond The Face Of The Movies' for my honest opinion.