All The Good Parts

All the Good Parts - Loretta Nyhan

Title: All The Good Parts
Author: Loretta Nyhan
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"All The Good Parts" by Loretta Nyhan

My Thoughts....

What happens when Leona's gynecologist [Dr. Bridget] tells her 'now's the time' especially if she was thinking of having a baby. We find Leona being single, 39 years old, working as a health care aid while working on the nursing degree [online]limited income,living with her sister Carly, her husband and their four children. Now, this is where this story will get very interesting with Leona trying to choose a sperm donor. What will Leona do about this situation? Who will she turn to for advice since she wasn't dating anyone? What was up with her sister Carly? Be ready for this story to take on quite a few twist and turns as Leona starts her journey of picking a donor which will not be a easy choice. "What guy will Leona choose?" I loved how I was able to correctly guess whom it would be!

The author gives the reader some very intriguing characters....from Leona, to Carly, Donal, Maura, Daryl, Jerry, Paul, Estelle to name a few that will give one well developed, likable, portrayed, relatable, believable, quirky and in the end giving a warm fun humorous read [the baby shower scenes]. I found it very intriguing who Leona turns to as well as whom she received advice from. I liked the growth pattern that the reader will see develop by the end of this read of this heroine. This is where I say you will have to pick up this engaging good heart felt read to see how well this author will present this story to her readers. In the end the reader will get a novel that shows and deals with 'family, friends, disappointment, love. self discovery and hope.'

This ARC was given by the publisher and NetGallery in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.