Them Shane Boys

Them Shane Boys - Sarah McWhite

Title: Them Shane Boys Author: Sarah McWhite Publisher: S.M.W. Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Four Review: "Them Shane Boys" by Sarah McWhite My Thoughts... "Them Shane Boys" were really quite a read that this author gives the reader will keep your attention all the way to the end. We find Harmony James in quite a bit of a fix after meeting Shane Covington Jr.[the second one]. Now, what is up with that? Truly this was quite some story of Shane being the 'bastard son' of Shane Covington Sr. Why had Shane Sr treated this son the way he did? How will this play into some of the gray areas that we see this Shane Jr feeling about himself? How did this Shane Jr. feel about his other brother who was also named Shane? I found that very important in this read. As I was reading this story I thought wow this father had two sons named Shane Jr. from two different women. Now, what in the world was up with all of this and continuing to read on in this well written story...that is what you will get and so much more. We get to see how this affected Shane in his daily life and after meeting Harmony the thought that he had it all but there will be some deep secrets [Abby] that will seem to get the better of him in his world of "trust, love and even in letting his guard down with consequences." I was truly left feeling somewhat sorry for both of these two main characters because in the end I am not sure if either got what they really wanted from this relationship. As for Harmony well my, my was she beginning to have feelings for her boss [Mr. Terrance Montgomery] too and how in the world will that turn out for her? There is a lots going on in the read that you will just have to pick this one up and see for yourself what you think of this read. By the time I got to the end I was left a little in a query of wondering what just happened... has Shane realized it is not to be and what is going on with Mr. Montgomery... is he leaving her? Will Harmony ever get her HEA? Anyway, I did find the read somewhat intriguing but I was still left with wondering about how that ending turned out. I did find all the characters for the most part well developed, portrayed and even somewhat believable giving the reader quite a captivating read. Would I recommend? Yes, it has a lots of substance that will keep your attention all the way to the end.


Thank you to the author for a gift of the read for giving my honest opinion of the read.