Sun On Sundays

Sun on Sundays - Wendy Lou  Jones

Title: Sun On Sunday
Author: Wendy Lou Jones
Publisher: Create Independent Publishing Platform
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: FIVE

"Sun On Sundays" by Wendy Lou Jones

My Thoughts...

This was quite a romance about Carrie Ann and Tom's life who both seemed to have a big problem with 'self confidence.' It seems like neither one of these two actually spoke and listened well to each other and even those around them often did not share, therefore there will be many conflicts that will present many twist and turns in this read. To learn that Carrie Ann has loved Tom since early childhood and he had no idea gives this novel quite one interesting read. What all will come out for these Carrie Ann and Tom before we get to the end will keep the reader turning pages to see what will happen next. I will say I did find the read a little predictable but still a good read that will keep your interest.

Will the love these two have for each other prevail in the end as the mistakes are brought out for these two? I found this novel was a sweet read with some very interesting secondary characters that kept this read right on target giving the reader a good read. I don't want to spoil too much other than say to find out what all goes on in this novel... 'Sun On Sundays' you will have to pick up this captivating intriguing romance to see if Carrie Ann and Tom will get there HEA in the end.


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