Clean Break

Clean Break - Abby Vegas


Title: Clean Break
Author: Abby Vegas
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Clean Break" by Abby Vegas

My Thoughts....

This was definitely one of those contemporary romance with suspense and mystery that will keep you engaged turning the pages till the end because you will want to know what happens next. This protagonist, Lane Haviland was really quite a interesting person as she is able to make it work in almost any adventurous situation that is given to her. I will say she had quite a rough road with all that happens to her from being 'virtually penniless, her part time job won't pay her bills and not having a family or a home living there in New York City.' It hadn't always been like this for Lane...for once she had everything in her life....'a wonderful family, money and love' but what had happened to her?

Wow, and as this story goes on Lane has been scammed out of money[$800] that was to have been for her down payment for an apartment. At this point I was left wondering what all had brought her to this point in her life. However, I will say this heroine was one smart lady, but a times she handled situations a little strange to me. What did happen to her after Lane goes to the police and meets that detective [Jarrett]? What happens after that is sort of a nightmare that seems to go on and on for Lane after the detective helps her find a place to stay. Then a handymen [Viktor]shows up and will help Lane and this is where this story really starts to take off.

What will happen after Lane found her [PA]assistant job to this 'spoiled wealthy women with two kids and a husband that works all the time.' That part of the novel was very interesting and I will stop here and say to find out more about this relationship with this family along with Lane being given a basement apartment where she meets that get the rest of this story you will have to pick up this read to see what all happens in this rich story of 'Clean Break.'

The reader will get a very well told story that is told in first person, showing struggle, redemption, referred to sexual scenes, heartwarming, unexpected surprises and even humorous at times, however, there will be some dark parts in the read that did leave questions especially of a certain character who turned out to be a really 'creepy dude' that was not answered for me in the to what happened with him? What was up with the hero...the handyman [Viktor] as it seemed like he was tied up with 'the Russian crime element in Lane's neighborhood.' What I didn't care about this hero was the way he kept Lane in the dark? I know he had too but? Oh will all of this affect Lane in the end as she tries to find out more about this situation? Will these two [Lane and Griff] get to their HEA? Again to get the answers to all of these questions the reader will have to pick up this good read to find out.

I found all the characters [Lane, Viktor, Randy, Cynthia, Jarrett] to name a few were simply off the chart being well developed, defined, portrayed and believable giving the reader one intriguing read.
By the end of this read I did agree with this title and that this heroine and hero definitely needed a 'Clean Break!'

If you are looking for a read with lots of suspense, twist and turns with some romance you have come to the right place for 'Clean Break' will give it all to you.