Daily Wisdom: That Small Still Voice

Daily Wisdom: "That Small Still Voice" - James V Daniels

Title: Daily Wisdom: That Small Still Voice
Author: James V. Daniels
Publisher: J.V.D.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Daily Wisdom: That Small Still Voice" by James V. Daniels

My Thoughts....

What a wonderful Christian novel that is for anyone to read and understand. The one thing that I enjoyed reading was in putting God first in your life and listening to Him and from that I know that in the end everything will work out alright. I love the all the chapters for the deal so well with our daily lives. I think one of my favorite ones was from chapter 9 and that was 'Smile and Laugh as Much as Possible' and not letting your happiness go out the window! This one definitely is needed in our world today! I also loved the scriptures that were featured that went right along with the subject matter.

This novel is truly a 'personal guide' for one to be able to live a Christian life each and everyday.
If you are looking for a inspirational read that gives you 'Daily Wisdom' as this read gives one purpose for being able to walk in the spirit of it each and every day.

'Daily Wisdom' was definitely a read written from the heart and I would recommend this novel to you as a excellent read. It is a easy short read that will find yourself re reading, studying it again and again giving you many thoughts long after the read.