Eden's Deliverance

Eden's Deliverance (Eden, #4) - Rhenna Morgan

Title: Eden's Deliverance
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Publisher: R.M.
Series: Eden # 4
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Eden's Deliverance" by Rhenna Morgan

My Thoughts....

It was really wonderful to read this last Eden series # 4 [with some suspense and danger] where we find the read focused on Brenna Haven and Ludan Forte. This author really works her magic in getting these two together, I liked how it was done with Brenna having had such a tragic life begin kidnapped, raped and at eight turned into a slave by Maxis...now free and then we have Ludan who seemed to have a gift that held some painful consequences [memory stealing gift], so what will become of all of this? As these two are brought together will they be able to heal each other and finally get their HEA? It will be quite a interesting fantasy read as we see the prophecy about Eden was coming to a head and how this new race is created as life that had been extended to these humans. Be ready for a series with some drama, tension, love, tears, fear along with some wonderful well developed characters with gorgeous settings and descriptions of Eden that will keep your attention. I don't want to leave out the hot steamy sex scenes that this author brings out so well to her readers. The reader will get a wonderful ending to a great series. Would I recommend....YES, the hold Eden series!