A Very Blessed Christmas Colorinng Book

A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book - Robin Mead

Title A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book
Author: Robin Mead
Publisher: FaithWords/Center Street
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book" by Robin Mead

My Thoughts...

If you are into the Christmas season and love coloring then you have come to the right place where you have a 'Christmas themed with scriptures. I loved the 'inspirational Bible scriptures' that really goes along so well with this holiday. This author gives some really neat drawing featuring the 'reason for the season and the birth of Christ.' You will get a little bit of it all from 'Christmas trees, candy canes, the nativity scene, beautiful angels, doves, candles, hot cocoa, carolers, snowflakes, fireplaces and even the cross.' There were also a bonus of Christmas craft cutouts that you can do so many things with like...ornaments, tags for gifts and so much more. I am sure anyone even the children can find something that they will be interested in that will certainly get you into the spirit of this holiday season. So, get ready to relax, sit back and get your crayons and/or colored pens ready for some wonderful coloring!

I received the novel from NetGallery in return for my honest opinion.