Ray Of Light

Ray of Light (Ray #1) (Volume 1) - E.L. Todd

Title: Ray Of Light Author: E. L. Todd Publisher: Fallen Publishing Series: Ray Series #1 Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review: "Ray Of Light" by E. L. Todd My Thoughts... This was the first in the 'Ray Series' and I indeed enjoyed the read. The characters were all so well developed, defined, portrayed and believable giving the reader a attention grabber that will keep you turning the pages. The main characters Rae, Rex, Ryker, Zeke, Jessie and Kayden were simply off the chart ... wonderful to read about. What will happen as Rex is trying a little to change his ways...from having to live with his sister Rae after winning a lottery then buying a bowling alley but it goes broke. All I can say is what a wonderful sister Rex has in Rae. Rex had been their for her and now Rae is their for him. Now with Rae being in a relationship with Ryker...how will this turn out for her? What is up with Zeke, Rex and Jessie? What will happen when all of the secrets start to come out that is being held back between these friends? I was able to laugh and even feel sad too with what all was going on in this read. Since this is the first Ray series we will have to get more from the next series [Ray of Hope] to find out what will happen next for Rae, Ryker, Rex, Jessie, Zeke and Kayden. Be prepared for a read of some 'sexy, funny and even some serious drama' in this well written story. From the sister/brother...to friends situation will definitely keep the reader wanting to know more about this interesting group of people.