Wife Of A Misfit

Wife of a Misfit 2 - Jade Jones

Title: Wife Of A Misfit 2
Author: Jade Jones
Publication: Jaded Publication
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Wife Of A Misfit 2" by Jade Jones

My Thoughts....

This was another good series that this author gives so well to her readers. I found the characters from Roxie, Magyc, Soul, Diana, Rico, Kwon, Melia, Tara, Jude and several others will definitely keep your attention being so well developed, portrayed and oh yes just down right interesting. The author really knows how to keep it all real in the urban fiction read giving us violence and drama that is simply off the chart definitely leaving you speechless and saying did that just happen? I am glad this was a short read for me because I did not put it down until the end. The reader will be left wanting the last series 'Wife of a Misfit 3: The Finale' I am sure there will be many questions that are left unanswered will be answered in this last series.