Unbalanced 2: Marriage Then Love

Unbalanced 2: Marriage Then Love - Laura T Johnson

Title: Unbalanced 2: Marriage then Love
Author: Laura T. Johnson
Publisher: L.T.J.
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Unbalanced 2: Marriage then Love" by Laura T. Johnson

My Thoughts....

Having read the first novel by this author I was very much interested in reading to the continuance of this story in this second book 2. Well, I will say for poor Catherine this author really give the reader quite a read that was so full of pain. I really felt for Catherine because truly all she wanted was to be truly loved by her husband. On the outside it seemed like that was what she had from Dorian but as one reads this story truly this wasn't the case. Did Dorian really feel that after he had abused Catherine giving her 'expensive gifts and great sex' was all that he needed to do in order to have or keep Catherine's love? There were several things going on in this read that one really can see ... Catherine being abused, Dorian horrible acts and then a love interest that was put there by a brother-in-law. With Catherine wanting to just be loved will she fall for what it seems that is out of reach for her? This story is so sad in more than one can ever know because we know someone who has or is suffering from this kind of abuse everyday of our lives. What was a puzzlement for me was what can Myles truly do about this situation without causing so deep hurt and sorrow after it is all said and done with the families [brothers,sister-in-laws, dad, mom & grandmother]. For poor Catherine I don't think she can think straight...definitely she needed someone to talk to. However, at this point I don't think it would be her sister [Elise] who was their but would Cat listen? Well, as we go into the next series maybe all of these questions will be answered and so much more that it will be all cleared up for the readers. I do believe this author will be able to make this all make sense by the time we get to the end. I would suggest anyone who has read 'Unbalanced 2' to please go back and read the first book to see what you missed by not reading Book 1. I am sure it will help you understand just what has gone on with Catherine and Dorian up to this point from book 1. Truly Dorian need HELP before it's too late! I hate to see what will happen to him if he doesn't get it! Anyway I will stop here and say I was able to follow maybe not understanding why all of this was happening but as I say earlier I am so this author will get if all presented to us in the next 'Unbalanced 3.' Yes, this is a cliffhanger. I will be looking forward to seeing will their be hope and true love for Catherine to receive her finally getting a HEA that she so desperately wants mainly from a true love.