So Gone Over You 2

So Gone Over You 2: A Crazy Love Story - Ms. T. Nicole, Touch of Class Publishing Services

Title: So Gone Over You 2: A Crazy Love Story part 2
Author: Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

"So Gone Over You 2: A Crazy Love Story part 2." by Ms. T. Nicole

My Thoughts....

"So Gone Over You 2" picks up where the first novel leaves off...more drama. This will definitely have you thinking what in the world is going on in this crazy love dramatic story. Really is everybody crazy? The main question I asked was what was it about Sasha that the 'men were so crazy over her' from LaKeith, Donnell, Morris & Andrew? Now that some other characters are in the story [Pharaoh, Eric & Bishop...'the Conway men'] will they be able to protect Sasha since it seems like Andrew hasn't been able to achieve this. Will there be a trap set for Donnell? What about that secret that Donnell had..with Slick? After all is said and done will Sasha finally see herself differently and be able to change her ways before it is too late? Well, I guess we better get ready for more drama because Bischop Thurston is out of prison so Lord help us because I am sure things are going to really get even more interesting in this next crazy love story.