Shxt Happens

Shxt Happens - Faith

Title: Shxt Happens
Author: Faith
Publisher: King Publishing Group
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Shxt Happens" by Faith

My Thoughts....

I enjoyed this quick enjoyable novel featuring four best friends...Jazzy, Leena, Carmen and Yandi. Now lets add their relationship with all of the men in their life...LaDon, Johnny, Mack, Winston, Rick and DeWayne and you will have one dramatic fascinating read. I was so carried away with all of these characters that I read it in one setting. Wow, what a bond of sisterhood that these characters had me at times laughing so hard of some of the antics of what was going on at that particular time in the heartfelt read. I loved the advice Jazzy's father tried to give her...only if she would have taken some of it but at least she did listen somewhat to her mother. What a read that showed such strong bonding to the 'love of ones family, friendships and even to God along with all of the twist and turns that will have you shaking your head and saying WHAT? Also, one may even found this read relatable in some may ways. However, what I also enjoyed about this story was in the end this author really showed just how a friendship can be a wonderful and beautiful thing. It may not be a smooth run but the type of friendship these ladies had was very real even though one friend had really slipped and fallen into quite a disparing mole. The ending was quite a surprise but knowing and seeing how these friends had some real life issues when it came to their friendship they definitely had each others back and that was of great importance to this friendship read.